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SQL Server - first post/topic

The database behind this forum has just been upgraded from an MS Access DB to a SQL Server DB. This post/topic is to (1) create a date/time record of when this happened, (2) to inform the users of the forum about this change, (3) to test the new database and make sure that a topic can be successfuly posted without errors.
This post tests the reply feature with the new DB to make sure it is working. It also informs users of this forum that one of the major benefits of the new database is the speed of searches. During testing, when racing a search between the MS Access based forum and the SQL Server based forum we usually saw the Access based forum taking between 15 and 45 seconds to complete a search. The SQL Server based forum was rarely over 2 seconds and was mostly about 0.5 seconds to complete. We hope that this will bring you more information faster.
If anybody notices any strange behavior on the forums that have started happening after the date/time above then please reply to this topic and I'll try and fix whatever has changed.
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