Cross Hair Software

I have recently discovered some software called CrossHair. From the web site that provides this free utility:
CrossHair displays two full-screen lines intersecting your mouse cursor when you press a hot key. As you move the mouse cursor, the lines follow over any program or window. The program is tiny, and runs completely transparently until you call up the crosshairs. It's useful for eyeballing any kind of chart or tabular data on screen, and for aligning objects in graphics or design applications.

This type of software is useful to traders who have a static image of a chart and want to line up an indicator (RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Oscillator, Momentum, Volume etc.) that is on the image and below the price chart.

You can use this if you've taken snapshots of charts with your Screen Capture Software and stored these images locally or uploaded them onto the Internet.