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I tried to delete this post due to the fact that ACE did contact me back and after talking with him, he was just having a little fun. I guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed and I took it wrong. Elite Trader if you could remove my two post here.
yes got Ace spam email every day, my email alerted me that do I want to confirm that I receive the email, click no did not stop the spam. Ace started from the free paltalk room, his method was so much junk that I didn't bother to write it down.
just wait untill he got your money.

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I tried to delete this post due to the fact that ACE did contact me back and after talking with him, he was just having a little fun. I guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed and I took it wrong. Elite Trader if you could remove my two post here.

has anyone used or are currently using ?
I would also be interested if anyone bought the course I attended a free webinar where joseph james (founder) explained a little about the strategy. Its mainly based on price action and one pattern he explained, im already trading with good results. Its basically a breakout out of consolidatation, when the breakout occurs he waits for a pullback and then strikes when price resumes to go higher. Its actually a strategy very similar to the RS of Houston Method (bull hook, bear hook, they call it) I believe but I dont know his exact methodology, which I wouldnt be allowed to post here anyway but that was covered in the free webinar. the guy does do some hard selling that is for sure, but he offers a free trial to his traderoom where he mainly trades the DAX, ES, EuroFX, Crude & Gold. I will take the free trial in two weeks and will update you afterwards!
Oh btw, the daytrading course of RS of Houston I can recommend but its VERY expensive. I think I paid like 5k for it or maybe even more (its a while ago). Everybody has to decide himself if thats too much but I rather prefer to pay more for good value than 1-2k for total crap. Im not affilited with them in any way!
Just thought I would throw my experiences in with Ace at Acetrades.
I learned about him from a trader friend that took a three day trial. He suggested I check Ace out because of the accuracy of the trades called when he sat in the Ace room. Well, my curiosity got the best of me, I requested a trial and sat in for the entire three days. Like my friend, I was impressed by the consistent accuracy of the room calls both short and long. I was surprised by three things primarily.....he got the bias correct, even when I thought there was a trend change, Ace did not let go, eventually he was correct. Second, he uses 3-4 tic stops. Out of all his calls, he might of been stopped out twice while I sat in the trial room. Third, he normally enters a trade at a swing high/low.
After I did my due diligence, I became a member of his room. Even though I have only been in his program for a few short weeks, I am more than pleased with my results and the continued training I am receiving. I am gradually learning the Ace "keys" and implementing them in my own trading.
My advise with any educator....the proof is in the pudding. If it works and it fits your trading "personality", get on-board if it's what you are looking for.....for me, Ace is the place!
Having been around the market for a few years, I found myself on a constant search for some consistency in my trading. I checked out many trading rooms in that quest. I finally found Ace's room and I'm glad I did. In just a few weeks, I'm finally achieving consistent success. I find the Ace keys brilliant in there simplicity and accuracy. He has a real knack for calling out trades in both directions. Sure, you're gonna get the occasional loser...but hey thats trading. Overall, I'm glad I made the decision to join his room and not listen to what others might say. I look forward to mastering the Keys and with Ace's help and guidance I see nothing but good things in my trading future. Thank you Ace. P.S. This is the real deal people!
After being in Ace`s room a few months I am still amazed at his accuracy in calling his trades. Of course not all trades are pluses,but the loss is minimal compared to the winners. I am very pleased being in Ace`s room.
This guy is a total fraudster. He won't tell you a thing about his "Keys"...nothing.
He says the proof of the pudding is in his live trades. What a JOKE! Up/down/up/up/no down...then when the move is on its way he says that's a winner. WINNER? Please. You couldn't get filled unless you hit market..not a smart for his hi low of the day, he uses support and resistance levels and Fib's most probably from someone else's site.

But here is the real truth. His fax number goes to a store in his town. He's not listed anywhere
no address nothing.

Sending $4,000 into a black hole.

To boot, he's arrogant, smart mouthed and if you ask a question or disagree, he says you've been here before and boots you out of HOTCOMM. Stay far, far away from this scam.
I was wrong there are better things out there. TTZ is not the best. It was good at the time