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Bryce Gilmore and Wave Trader

Bryce Gilmore was mentioned on the topic Nature's Force Trading and I have also seen him referenced from a couple of other places so I though I would start a new topic to get some input about him and his methods.

So far I have found 3 web sites that appear to be related and owned by him.

I found a book called Geometry of Markets but that is by Bryce T. Gilmore and I noticed on his web sites that he signs his name as BBG so I'm not sure if that's the same person. Also BBJ mentioned in the other thread that the book is called "Trading to Win"?
Originally posted by day trading

Thanks for the links and info BBJ. I see that the site is still in the process of being set-up with a "be back soon" message.

Hopefully I'll have a bit more time in the near future to delve into these sites and concepts in more detail.

You're welcome Daytrader.
Below you can find presentations by Tim Morge for CBOT.

The first presentation quickky goes over the basics of Medianlines.
At the bottom of this message you can find a links to 2 interviews with Morge.
01/19/06 How to Successfully use Pitchforks and Median Lines to Trade Tim Morge RHBEMR View

Go With The Flow! Find Reversals by Combining Momentum Bars withPitchforks,3206,989+40623,00.html

Volume! Volume! Volume!,3206,1058+37484,00.html

Time Out! Using Median Lines & Pitchforks to day trade Bond Futures,3206,1058+36012,00.html
This book is now available in ebook form for $220 from

Be warned its not for absolute beginners but if you have 6 months plus of trading and a desire to get good at trading turning points its helpful
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