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Bryce Gilmore and Wave Trader

Bryce Gilmore was mentioned on the topic Nature's Force Trading and I have also seen him referenced from a couple of other places so I though I would start a new topic to get some input about him and his methods.

So far I have found 3 web sites that appear to be related and owned by him.

I found a book called Geometry of Markets but that is by Bryce T. Gilmore and I noticed on his web sites that he signs his name as BBG so I'm not sure if that's the same person. Also BBJ mentioned in the other thread that the book is called "Trading to Win"?
BBG is Bryce Gilmore.

I referred to the:

Trading to WIN Course
One Day at a Time
[C] 2004 Bryce Gilmore

Again check out
for an excellent/profitable approach to the markets.
Okay - I'm with you now. So the Bryce T. Gilmore who wrote Geometry of Markets is NOT the same as the one that runs those web sites right?

$850 (AUD) for that book? That looks a little bit expensive after looking at the Table of Contents. Have you bought the course/book?

I am familiar with Kane Trading and have exchanged a few emails with Jim Kane but I have never gone into any depth about what patterns he trades but have read some of his comments.
It's all the same person.
Bryce T.Gilmore = BBG
He wrote Geometry of Markets,
Dynamic Time and Price analysis of Market Trends,
Trading with an edge and
Trading to WIN Course
One Day at a Time.
I bought the Trading To win book in 2003.
Thanks BBJ. How much did you pay for the book and was it worth it?
I paid less, can't find the invoice at the place where it should be.
I think around $250.
Yes it was worth it.
What elements does it contain that are not available elsewhere? (I'm not asking for the copyright material but just the essence of what he talks about that you have not seen in any other book.)
Took a look at the table of contents. Seems like garden variety technical analysis and the chart patterns are as old as dirt. Can there be some great revelations in this book that are understated. Can't judge a book by its cover (or TOC) but this sure lookslike TA 101 at a premium price. BBJ, any deeper insight is much appreciated.
I had looked at the Table of Contents and that is why I was asking the question because everything covered in the book is standard text in any introduction to TA.
Originally posted by day trading

I had looked at the Table of Contents and that is why I was asking the question because everything covered in the book is standard text in any introduction to TA.

Overbalancing principle for waves of similar degree.
XABCD template for evaluating geometry of market swings = evaluation of all the realtionships between the 4 waves.
(Daytrading journal for es using the discussed content.)
You should ask Bryce Gilmore these questions.

Again if you want unique concepts check out the material by Jim Kane. Besides his books he has an archive of written daily commentary with charts for the whole of 2005 showing repeatable potential setups, the whole approach is covered.

Also Medianlines aka Pitchforks: High probability setups.

Tim Morge has been doing manual backtests since 1980’s on a number of setups he uses with ML’s.
If you want more info you’ll have to join a free forum at and ask Tim any questions. Forum is in the process of getting set up.

Tim Morge has been posting commentary/ trade setups since 2000 for free on the internet.
Thanks for the links and info BBJ. I see that the site is still in the process of being set-up with a "be back soon" message.

Hopefully I'll have a bit more time in the near future to delve into these sites and concepts in more detail.
This book is now available in ebook form for $220 from

Be warned its not for absolute beginners but if you have 6 months plus of trading and a desire to get good at trading turning points its helpful
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