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Day Trade Team - They charged my card $995 after my trial despite my cancellation request (3 days in advance). I was so mad and disgusted that I did not continue with the service past the 5 day trial. This is a scam tactic. If the service was decent they would not have to resort to these tricks. It took me weeks to get my money back. I basically had to threaten to sue them before they would refund me. I will say I like their chat room software. It crashes a lot (macromedia breeze meeting) but it's laid out very nicely. Nick seems to trade QQQQ and DIA a lot. Well why not just trade the NQ or YM futures contract? The margin requirements are less and the extra capital could be used for swings or more futures positions.

UnderGroundTrader.Com - Jay Yu is a great teacher and speaker. To make any money with this system you have to have at least a $40,000 account and lightning fast execution skills. Getting fills that he records on the nightly recap are near impossible. They focus only on stocks here. I lost a lot of money here but if may have not been the methods but my execution. They focus on news plays and a few basket stocks.

PureTick.Com - Author/trader Alex Wasilewski's site. This site focuses on trading the dow e-mini YM/ES futures. I joined because my account dropped under 25k and I could still day trade futures. Exact prices on entry, targets and stops are given (thank god). Alex also posts entry times on his track record (which is rare). I've only been a member of this site for 2 months (currently am) and have actually turned a profit. There is good audio commentary and intelligent room members. Right now nothing negative to report except a slight audio issue with the chat room software. I will keep you posted as my experience here progresses.

TradeTheMarkets.Com - This is John Carter/Hubert Senters site. I'm sure everyone has heard of them. I was a member for about 7 months. I did not like the fact that Hubert would never really let you know what to do. ie: "Counter trend traders go long, trend traders go short". They have a lot of members but I think its because john and hubert are excellent salesmen.. I get videos from them every other day about a new cd, book, seminar or indicator they'd like me to purchase for $900. I gave them a lot of business and also purchased their indicator package (which I later found out were just renamed pre-existing tools). Everywhere I turn on their site I now feel like they are just reaching for my wallet. I do not mind paying for a good service but there are limits. I learned a lot about market flow indicators here. I was never really able to make money based on their intra-day calls. The have too many setups and don't let you know whats going on. They offer chart sharing and pit noise to distract you to this.

WoodiesCCI - I can not report on this site! Why? I've tried to login with their TalksLive client 4 times now. It seems to be the most buggy chat software on the planet. I've received a wide variety of errors and never actually got in the room. Maybe their site is just too overloaded. This may be a great site!! I can not find out however.

That's about it for now. I hope this post helps some of you guys find the type of site your looking for.

Thanks for the overview Matt

Good to hear you have found a service that is helping you make money trading, hopefully your learning a few things there as well.

RE: woodies, consider it a blessing you were not able to get into their room.
Matt - I visited the site, it looks like a good basic trading service. Thank you for sharing it with us here.

I like the daily trading summary they post along with the timestamped chatroom transcript.

Based on your two months results, can you share with us the win/loss ratio and percentage wins you have experienced so far ?

Also, in reading the transcript, it looks like they are trading the YM and using an average 10 tick stop ?
the problem with the log transcript is there is good hour + of audio commentary and advice in the day that doesnt get recorded. I find myself wishing I could play it back at times. Like today alex was in a short with a target of 75 but changed it to 65 becuase the system status changed. this was alerted on the audio first.

my results have pretty much matched the track record page except im only trading 2 contracts. Since the targets/stops are called they'd only stray if you didn't stick to your guns or missed a trade while in the kitchen making hotdogs (guilty) hehehe. im gonna have to get a mini fridge in my office. i have been in a bunch of rooms and know i need to follow a plan religiously. a hard core newbie may have a problems enter orders in and letting it 'ride'..

one other thing I really like is the fact that alex will take 20-50 minutes after the close to verbally answer any question i have
Thanks for the follow-up and additional info on Pure Tick.

I understood the audio portion of the service is not in the channel log. And of course you get a lot more value from the audio, which is why they use it. I mostly was just getting a feel for the trading style used from the entry and exit signals in the log.
yea today there were two audio calls that are not in the of the smarter users suggested the the moderator use dragon naturally speaking to record the audio commentary. good idea i think!
just following up.. today was pretty decent. I took 5 profitable trades and one stop in the puretik room. cant complain.. I will try and paste my IB account log 20 days or so. I just spent about 20 minutes reading that trading zoo post. That distresses me. Is there a 5k one time fee or is it broken up? I applied for a trial but they never got back to me.

I believe the fee is $5,000 upfront. The Website explains why that is the case as opposed to a monthly subscription based service.

Email me and let's see what can be done about getting you a free trial.
Originally posted by NinjaSnipe

just following up.. today was pretty decent. I took 5 profitable trades and one stop in the puretik room. cant complain.. I will try and paste my IB account log 20 days or so...

Did you sim trade or real money? I don't use IB so not sure if they have a sim feature on traders' accounts.

Are you using a front end for IB such as ButtonTrader, NinjaTrader or ZeroLine?
why would a loving mother name her son woodie
I've locked this topic and each of these services can be discussed in the following threads:

Daytrade Team
Underground Trader
Trade The Markets
Woodies CCI

I am doing this because I believe that it causes less confusion to discuss each service by itself and adds more value for a trader researching a particular service. Many thanks to NinjaSnipe for starting this topic and his valuable contributions in the first posting.
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