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Good/Bad Vendors

Well there sure seems to be a lot of new posts from new members regarding vendors. This to me is a sure sign that some of these are from vendors themselves. For example ..I would not be surprised if the Post from Wan ( with only one post ) contains the name of a vendor that is being promoted subtley on this forum. So that leaves Carolyn Boroden, The Trading Zoo or Larry Levine....time will tell if I am correct...this is a common vendor tactic but with that said lets talk about some vendors that some of us have had positive experiences with....I have no financial interest in any site or room I is one to start that I encountered a few years ago I forget the price I paid...

What I liked about this course is that it taught you the proper way (IMHO) to interpret price action and you where encouraged to be self sufficient. Lots of charts to reinforce the examples and not always "cherry-picked". It also went into money management and it didn't promise you riches let you know that trading was hard work..They also had no guarantee and showed me no statements...

For the record some of the courses or items I may mention I have paid for and some have been shared with me by fellow can draw any conclusion about me from that statement. I guess the only person who can really give me a hard time about "sharing" trading materials is the person who never borrowed a book from the library or from a friend. Otherwise we are no different. Anyone else care to share a good experience. I fiqured with all the bad mouthing that is going on (I beleive in some cases to make themselves look better) it was time to put some positive information about some vendors out there....

[here is one to start that I encountered a few years ago I forget the price I paid...

Lol. Must be amnesia. Thing costs $000s.
This is the high caliber response you can expect from Aaron or is it who works for the trading zoo vendor...stay clear of them...more to come...
"They also had no guarantee and showed me no statements..."

Aren't you the guy who preaches that no one should ever sign up for any vendor servcices if I didn't get trading statements? Of course you are. And you are also the guy with no credibility or integrity.

Do you remember now how many $000s you spent on rjhtrading or is it still a brain teaser?
What I paid is irrelevant......however the fact that you are a spaamer who works for the Zoo to drum up business is.......You continue to prove yourself as a vendor and still show no proof you can trade......and isn't it possible that somebody can learn to ask the right questions as they become more knowledgeable or is that beyond you? are making a fool of yourself and the Zoo you represent.....I don't think Max would like having you as a representative...keep it coming Barry..and I am not the vendor ...I don't need to be credible...especially in your eyes.......already I've had people send me private emails ( like you did but for the wrong reasons) thanking me for helping them stay away from my work is getting done.....this is fun

Who is Max?
Nice try...but the real interesting part is that you didn't ask " Who is Barry"...thanks for verifying sources are keeping me well informed......I guess we should have our fun on this thread and let you address the important issues at the zoo thread....someday....Imagine a 3 tick risk and a two tick that is funny....
Here is another good vendor They don't need to take out big ads in S&C magazine or troll message boards..they keep their business fairly low key...the material was well presented and clear. Fairly priced...Again I encountered them years ago..They had nightly recaps....and my results where able to match there's in the with any vendor do your own research before commiting to any program

bruce are you still using what you learned from bob? did your success greatly improve after the course? how successful were the calls he made in the chatroom? is a good vendor also a highly recomended vendor in your opinion?

thanks in advance for answering
Who is Bob?
this is bob

Robert J. Heisler
Is this right? But they post their daily "track record" real trades...right?

"I think that I read somewhere that Ninja went bust using the puretick method and doesn't trade anymore."
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