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Good/Bad Vendors

Well there sure seems to be a lot of new posts from new members regarding vendors. This to me is a sure sign that some of these are from vendors themselves. For example ..I would not be surprised if the Post from Wan ( with only one post ) contains the name of a vendor that is being promoted subtley on this forum. So that leaves Carolyn Boroden, The Trading Zoo or Larry Levine....time will tell if I am correct...this is a common vendor tactic but with that said lets talk about some vendors that some of us have had positive experiences with....I have no financial interest in any site or room I is one to start that I encountered a few years ago I forget the price I paid...

What I liked about this course is that it taught you the proper way (IMHO) to interpret price action and you where encouraged to be self sufficient. Lots of charts to reinforce the examples and not always "cherry-picked". It also went into money management and it didn't promise you riches let you know that trading was hard work..They also had no guarantee and showed me no statements...

For the record some of the courses or items I may mention I have paid for and some have been shared with me by fellow can draw any conclusion about me from that statement. I guess the only person who can really give me a hard time about "sharing" trading materials is the person who never borrowed a book from the library or from a friend. Otherwise we are no different. Anyone else care to share a good experience. I fiqured with all the bad mouthing that is going on (I beleive in some cases to make themselves look better) it was time to put some positive information about some vendors out there....

Hey Ninja,

Are you still with puretick ? can you provide some info or send me an email, thnaks in advance.

I think that I read somewhere that Ninja went bust using the puretick method and doesn't trade anymore.
Originally posted by day trading

I think that I read somewhere that Ninja went bust using the puretick method and doesn't trade anymore.

after moving to Globex, YM has turned into a wild mustang, frequently moves 20p both ways, more profits but more risk also.
"I think most lose because they jump from method to method and vendor to vendor ( I was guilty for 1.5 years) . what turned my trading around was trading more contracts as it resolved the fear/greed concept but that came only after I found two or three setups that I didn't mind LOSING money at when I was wrong....for me I had trouble handling the losses but once you trust those two or three entries then you have confidence that over time you will be ok"..

Bruce, I hope you don't mind me quoting your words, as I could not agree more. Most traders have a tendency to jump around from method to method mainly because they expect to find success in a very short time period. Learning to trade from a screen was definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was without question guilty of bouncing around looking for the quickest and easiest way to succeed. It took me a few years and many conversations to realize what I was actually doing. There are legitimate courses or educational services to be found. Every trader most do their own due diligence and find a method of trading that fits their personality. Seeking a course that offers a trial period should be the norm rather then the exception. There are many ways to trade the market. I am certain several methods if used correctly, along with the proper discipline, can be successful. I also believe there is a direct correlation between the trading courses that provide easy to access help and training compared to the ones that drop the course in your lap and cannot be found for any help or assistance. IMHO, the ones that are there to provide the help and assistance after the course is sold, are the ones that have the confidence in the their product and will back it up.
Personally I don't think that it's a problem bouncing from one method to another so long as you trade paper money with a method until you discover it doesn't work and then move on to the next method. When I say doesn't work I also mean doesn't work for you and your trading style. You also need to spend a lot of time scouring the internet to research previous students of each method.
REAL, proven track record is al lthat counts. Forget hype and forget "back tested" results. Real money is all that counts.
Is this right? But they post their daily "track record" real trades...right?

"I think that I read somewhere that Ninja went bust using the puretick method and doesn't trade anymore."
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