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Best Wishes for 2007

I will not be posting much due to an impending 2 possibly 3 month stay in CO
Trade the early am and ski the pm
May your charts give you the answers and I wish
your best trades of 2006 be your worst trades for 2007
Thanks alleyb! And all the best for 2007 for you and your trades, may 2007 be the most profitable year for you. Where in CO will you be skiing? Beaver Creek, Aspen...?
Based in Silverthorne near Dillon which I understand gives me much opportunity to explore several different areas
My schedule is starting to look as follows.
Jan 23rd Denver
Jan 27th Silverthorne
Feb 17th NYC
Feb 21st LV
Feb 27th Denver
March 24th Chicago
March 27th Not sure
March 30th Denver
April 14th Houston
April 16th Miami
April 20th Back to UK

I am trying to organise speaking engagments/presentations on MP for Denver, Chicago likely at the CBOT, Houston likely more traditional technical analyis with a bit of MP thrown in, LV a major seminar. NYC really is to to be at the Traders Expo and Miami is pleaure

Nothing is cast in stone yet and subject to change but should be able to firm things in the next couple of days.

Whilst on the subject of MP then MP101 has disappeared from the CBOT due to technical difficulties. If anyone has a decent converter (I said decent - not one of the cheap shareware apps pls) of Realplayer to MSFT media player AVI file then please contact me. I have a copy obviously of MP101 that needs converting so that it can be re-posted back at the CBOT website but if anyone wants a copy of MP101 then they can get it from me
MP102 is still available at the CBOT and as well from my own website
Sounds like a great trip Alley. Enjoy it! I was skiing in Tahoe a few weeks ago. Snow is a bit late but enough runs were open to have a good time. What is the Vegas seminar?
Great News I have managed to save MP101 and converted it from Real Player to a wmv file now need to get it into avi format and then the CBOT will repost it back up on their MPeducation. However I now have original recordings inside my own website of MP101 and MP102.
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