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enough of Bruce, Ahk, etc jostling back and forth.
The forum is losing input because of this. We should all be trying to help each other not play games. I suggest NEW RULES prohibiting personal attacks or bounced from the room.

Forgive me for breaking my own rules, but this has to stop and I think I've found a fair way to do that. Check out the Challange thread. It's put up or shut time.

Originally posted by ahk

Originally posted by max


with all due respect why not just move on and avoid a ping pong match that has no end. you made a valid point and at least i appreciate it.


Well said max. I agree 100%.

well since we are all breaking don't you point people to the zoo thread where I am consistently asking you for your statements from your imaginary you could have ended this long as predicted this challenge crap..too funny..but I'm enjoying it...and many thanks to all have sent me private emails and public postings regarding my Pitbull setups...I hope they help you on your journey.....this other stuff with Aaron is the fun stuff outside of trading.....Desperate vendors do deperate things

here is a recent summary from my last post

just put up the statements then I will review his challenge thread in greater he has another chance now to get me in the challenge....can he do it...? Lets see how he likes it when people use the same same tactics he would must have his name and all those exact fill prices as per the postings on this thread....Take it awau's on you......Wow you Zoo guys are real childish.....trying to insult me a guys are jokers...Still waiting on those statements long must we wait...His credibility would shoot up in my book if he could post those statements?[/b]
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