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TradeTheMarkets.Com - This is John Carter/Hubert Senters site. I'm sure everyone has heard of them. I was a member for about 7 months. I did not like the fact that Hubert would never really let you know what to do. ie: "Counter trend traders go long, trend traders go short". They have a lot of members but I think its because john and hubert are excellent salesmen.. I get videos from them every other day about a new cd, book, seminar or indicator they'd like me to purchase for $900. I gave them a lot of business and also purchased their indicator package (which I later found out were just renamed pre-existing tools). Everywhere I turn on their site I now feel like they are just reaching for my wallet. I do not mind paying for a good service but there are limits. I learned a lot about market flow indicators here. I was never really able to make money based on their intra-day calls. The have too many setups and don't let you know whats going on. They offer chart sharing and pit noise to distract you to this.

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I enjoyed that article too Daytrading. I especially related to the diaper changing story as I have an 11 month old crawling around here. Some say day trading is a glamorous occupation!!!

I missed a nice long trade today due to various "duties". Pun intended!!

He certainly seems to have a lot on his plate. Not every trading that has to leave an open position to change a diaper.
Thanks for the note about the issues being off. I thought I was just getting old and the mind was going. I totally believe in the healthy food routine. I also try to structure my trading day so I can do a 60-90 minute hike through the desert. It gets iffy sometimes because I try to avoid the heat of the day. Since it doesn't always break 90 at night my window is somewhat narrow. I really have started feeling better once I added the daily exercise.
I agree with the daily exercise Steve. Also an important routine for me. I find that if I exercise early before trading then it makes me tired during trading so if possible, I always try and do it afterwards.