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Originally posted by NinjaSnipe

TradeTheMarkets.Com - This is John Carter/Hubert Senters site. I'm sure everyone has heard of them. I was a member for about 7 months. I did not like the fact that Hubert would never really let you know what to do. ie: "Counter trend traders go long, trend traders go short". They have a lot of members but I think its because john and hubert are excellent salesmen.. I get videos from them every other day about a new cd, book, seminar or indicator they'd like me to purchase for $900. I gave them a lot of business and also purchased their indicator package (which I later found out were just renamed pre-existing tools). Everywhere I turn on their site I now feel like they are just reaching for my wallet. I do not mind paying for a good service but there are limits. I learned a lot about market flow indicators here. I was never really able to make money based on their intra-day calls. The have too many setups and don't let you know whats going on. They offer chart sharing and pit noise to distract you to this.

Original thread started by NinjaSnipe. This thread started to discuss Trade the Markets by itself. Trade the Markets:
Way before I joined Zoo, I spent $800 on an indicator package (TTM Squeeze, TTM Scalp and TTM Pivots)and was very unhappy with the results. They lag terribly and won't work for intraday action unless the move is very strong with little pullback. Probably better suited to swing trading. I let myself get sucked into buying this after reading Carter's book. In retrospect, I realize Carter cherry picked the examples in his book. I sold the book on ebay for a couple of bucks less than I paid, but I can't sell the indicators because of licensing.
I am familiar with the Squeeze and Pivots indicators, they are public domain algorithms. I am not familiar with their Scalp indicator. Is that another public domain indicator that they are selling or a proprietary one?
Now I really feel bad about my purchase. What do you mean by "public domain"? Does that mean its readily available for free somewhere. No way the Scalp is a prop setup--its too easy.
The Squeeze is available for free if you use TradeStation but I have not seen it for free on any other platform. The pivot indicators are free on almost all platforms or are very inexpensive.

When you say that the Scalp is "too easy" what do you mean by that?
I think what makes these things somewhat proprietary is the way they're coded and graphically displayed on TS or esignal. In that regard, I did like them. Guy, I recommend you read Carter's book to get the poop on these indicators or visit his Website for more info.
I've just been looking at the front page of the Trade The Markets web site. It currently has a rotating image showing pictures with the first image titled "Living the Dream". In all 5 images there is someone (presumably) trading on a laptop. Two of the pictures have traders sitting in the sand on the beach, 1 in a deck chair on the beach, one in a fishing boat (water in background) and one with a geek with his nose pressed up against the screen.

I am not picking on Trading the Markets here because this appears to be theme used on all trading web sites. In fact I believe that I have been accused of doing exactly that by including a picture of a porsche in an article (The Edge).

The predominant theme in "living the dream" appears to be the ability to be able to trade from a beach or in some luxurious getaway or at least in the open air / outdoors. I'm not sure if you have used a laptop outside but it is difficult and you can't last long in that environment - even with good sunglasses and a special screen. I asked earlier (Trading on the Beach) if anybody has executed a trade from the beach and so far I have not found anybody who has.
Now I really feel bad about my purchase. What do you mean by "public domain"? Does that mean its readily available for free somewhere. No way the Scalp is a prop setup--its too easy.

A public domain version of the TTM Squeeze, TTM Bricks, and TTM Trend indicators can be found for FREE in Tradestation's user forum. Unfortunately, they are selling these indicators for $800 for which you could have downloaded them for free from that's salemanship.

I know because I was a member of Tradethemarkets, but I downloaded the public domain version from the tradestation forum - which are the exact same indicators that John & Hubert are selling.
One disturbing fact about Trade the Markets is that it appears that they take material from sites that provide it for free (this site) and then send it to their subscribers as if it were their own researched material. So the subscriber is paying for something that they could and should be getting for free and other sites (like this one) are having their copyrighted content stolen. This came to light in a reply that I made here: ES Equity curve from Raw Gap Fade strategy
After a series of discussions between MyPivots (this site) and Trade The Markets, a licensing for the Gap Fade material was agreed upon. All issues about the copyright infringement etc. have been resolved and Trade The Markets are now licensed to use the Gap Fade study.
There was a good article by John F. Carter in the June 2007 issue of Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine called Balancing the Demands of Life & Trading. Not sure if any of you read it?

For some reason I just got the July issue now and the August issue is already out.

He talks about the 4 F's in trading; Focus, Fuel, Facts, Fun. I feel that many traders often miss out on the importance of Fuel

Carter further breaks down Fuel into physical and mental Fuel, mental being the thoughts you feed your mind with.

About food he emphasises not just food but the correct food. To quote him: "...drink a gallon of water a day, replace refined sugars and flour with whole, unprocessed grains, remember fruits and veggies..."

I know that this is easy for someone like me to do because I ban junk food from my house to avoid the temptation that I might eat it and I always chose the healthy option when eating out and drink water instead of having desert.

It's hard to believe it, but something as simple as this can improve not only your health but also go straight to your bottom line as a trader.
I agree with the daily exercise Steve. Also an important routine for me. I find that if I exercise early before trading then it makes me tired during trading so if possible, I always try and do it afterwards.
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