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Trade the Bars Not the Stars

I'm opening this one up as a free-for-all. I'll chime in later.
That's irrelevant. You claim that you are making trades from a system that you sell for commission and when you are asked to back it up - just like you were asking these people - you turn around and say no. That is 100% hypocritical.
It's very relevant. I'm not selling anything.

I'm giving helpful information to people who decide on their own whether to explore an educational trading service. And if some of those people want to see more informtion which is not in the public domain, I may accomodate them in my sole discretion.

None of this means I will post my trading statements on this forum to satisfy the curious. So, there is a method and procedure for getting a peak into the komono, but your idea is not the way.

Again, this has all been spelled out in great detail before on the forum, but I see you are new and probably haven't read the appopriate threads/posts. That's okay and I understand. As one of the moderators writes "Search the Forums - they are packed with valuable trading information."

This will be my last word on this. Good luck and have a great trading day if you do indeed trade.

There you go lying again. You ARE selling something. You are receiving a commission for anybody that signs up with the course through you. That IS selling. You are a salesman and it looks like you are prepared to do anything and say anything to make the sale.

You turn around and unfairly ask these people to provide statements to back up their claim when you yourself are not prepared to do so to back up your claim. How can we trust a salesman who is not prepared to back up what they call facts. Facts which they could prove but for some unknown reason are not prepared to prove. Facts which don't look like facts at all by smoke and mirror tactics to deceive.
This is a method that trades breakouts based on a certain type of retracement and price bar pattern. Per the creator, it is not to be used on small time frames (under 5 minutes).

In my opinion:
1. The risk was too high for the reward.
2. It requires watching several markets in several timeframes to get adequate frequency of trade opportunities.
3. The mentor was accessible and helpful.

May work for some, but not for me.
goodword: Thanks for the summary.

ahk: Why do you want their statements when you will not provide your own?
Originally posted by moneytec

goodword: Thanks for the summary.

ahk: Why do you want their statements when you will not provide your own?

I asked you to read the other posts for the answer but its obvious you didn't. I'm tired of playing forum tag. The next paragraphs don't apply to you in particular.

This forum has been sabotoged and poisoned to the point where it is has become the Jerry Springer show. We have a psychotic, rambling, paranoid schizophrenic running around without any control accusing honest people of being liars and scammers because he refuses to believe that an educational advisory can help people become successful traders.

The place is a joke and in my opinion, has become irrelevant. I'm partially to blame because I allowed myself to chase the shadows of a few clowns in an effort to defend myself.

When the innates start to run the asylum it time to leave.
I read the other posts and nowhere does it explain why you think that these people should provide statements and you should not. Both of you are selling trading education and yet you think that they should provide statements of support and you should not.
LOL - ahk is such a joke. He just paints himself into a corner each time. He does not even realize that he is a salesman when he is the biggest of all of them and also the most untrustworthy of all of them. If anybody buys into the Trading Zoo system based on what ahk has said then you deserve what you get. You cannot trust snake-oil salesmen like ahk. If the Trading Zoo has hired him to sell their system then you can bet your bottom dollar that the Trading Zoo system does NOT work.

My advice is to do extra research into every aspect of the Trading Zoo including reviewing of trader's statements, the guru's statements and every other aspect. ahk has brought nothing but disrepute to this system.
I agree - ahk the snake-oil salesman. Expects to see statements for other vendors but cannot show his own statements.

ahk - the man who mysteriously cannot make any money from the trading zoo system - even though he is so excited about how well it works - and has to resort to selling something he cannot get to work.

ahk - chief clown!
Day trading, forgive my ignorance in these matters being new to the forum and I have no desire to tell you how to run your business, but it seems to me that these most recent posts--as best as I can glean from your other comments--are off topic and maybe best suited to a new one in the Traders Lounge created for the purpose of criticizing a man (ahk) who is apparently locked out of the forum and can no longer defend himself or reply.

Just a suggestion

May peace be with you.
Sorry you got taken. This is a perfect example of a useless money back guarantee. It seems these vendors ALWAYS find a reason not to refund your money...they come up with some excuse and try to blame the customer...
Originally posted by Avid

This is a guy who did not honor his 'money back guarantee' in any way. After showing him printscreens of my failed trades, he downright refused to refund my money, telling me that I 'jumped the gun' on the trades. This was almost imposible to do, becuase his method is purely objective, there was no discretion left to interpretation.

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