Britian Pound Futures market profile

I would appreciate if yu can add that market profile and pivot info on GBP futures because I do see that you do list Euro FX it is parallel direction Euro FX and GBP. Other readers would appreciate that you would offer that GBP in daily notes shortly

I believe that some changes are being made to the web site and so that sort of thing should become available. Do you have more details on the GBP future? What exchange is it traded on? What is its ticker symbol?
GBP futures symbol from CME is BP
as well as Forex GBPUSD. GBPUSD moves big rides like Dow futures. I felt it is good data for your site to add market profile VA and pivot on these. It is rewarding votalitly

Do you know that if you have the 30 minute high/low of the symbol you can generate your own MP values from here? TPO Chart Generator
Yes, I am aware of it. It is nice tool! I am just making suggestion if this website can update daily notes adding another symbol like BP next to Euro FX where there are info we can see pivots, market profile va, etc.

It would be helpful for me and someone else who want to know that info to be there next like it does show dow futures, sp 500 futures on dailynotes.

I appreciate you letting me know about market profile generator. I just wonder who should I make this request and sent to ?

Leaving the request here is the best place. It will be taken into consideration during the next update of the website. Thanks for the suggestion!
British Pound Future is now live.