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DeltaT1 is preparing to release its first Alpha indicator. If you wish to be kept informed of news about this indicator then we suggest that you subscribe to this topic. Any developments and release notes will be posted as responses to this topic.

This topic will be locked to prevent other people repsonding to it and so you will only get news announcements that affect the AlphaPack if you subscribe only to this topic.

This is the main index page to the AlphaPack:
I received some questions about the indicators and so decided to answer them here so that everyone can benefit from them.

I was able to log into the esignal chat, but nothing was going on -- No charts, no commentary. I tried asking a question and it said I wasn't allowed. I then PM'd you. I think your PM back was something about I need to go to the t1 room -- but I thought I was already in the t1 room. So I'm not really sure what's going on. I'll try again tomorrow.

The #T1 room/channel is a moderated channel. This means that you need to be given a "voice" to be able to type messages in the channel. I was away from the screen a lot and so didn't manage to add you to the voice list when you came in. Because I was away, this also meant that I wasn't posting charts or comments. My apologies for this.

Which indicators are available for trial?

At this point in time, all indicator packs have a 7 day free trial except for the AlphaPack which has a 7 day $10 discount period.

And do the trial versions come with instructions?

There are instructions in this section of the web:

Is the Alpha pack a standalone product or do you need one of the other packs to successfully trade it?

This is an excellent question. There are 3 things that I look at when entering a trade:
1. Location
2. Timing
3. Direction and strength of conviction.

I use the AlphaA2 indicator (from the AlphaPack) for #3. I use the TimerA1 indicator (also from the AlphaPack) for #2, and the Market Profile tools (from the ToolPack) for #1.

I'm thinking of downloading it, but I'm just not sure yet on which of my trading computers I want it. Once I'm a subscriber, can I put it on both computers? It would only be active on one at a time though.

Yes, you can download and install all the packs on as many computers as you want. The indicator packs work off your eSignal username and this means that you can only run eSignal on 1 computer at a time with that username so by implication you will only be able to use the packs on 1 computer at a time.

In looking over the info on the alpha pack I'm not quite sure I understand. Where on the chart does the +3 to -3 value show up? And are the color codes part of the histogram or the line within the histogram?

This AlphaA2 indicator shows up as a histogram in a pannel below the chart. The color codes are part of the histogram.

Are there more instructions when I lease than what's on the website?

No, all the instructions are currently on the web. However, all of your questions will be answered and that information will be added to the web. Your questions will be answered until you understand how the indicators work.

What is a difference between AlphaA1 and AlphaA2?

AlphaA1 was developed on the ER2 and then adapted to the ES, NQ and YM. Because the volatilities of the ES, NQ and YM are different to the ER2 and to each other some changes had to be made to AlphaA1 for these symbols.

Scaling factors have been built into AlphaA2 to take into account the volatilies of each symbol.

If you compare AlphaA1 to AlphaA2 on the ER2 chart you should notice no difference.

If you load both the indicators onto one of the other index futures chart you should notice 2 differences:
1. The color of the Alpha part of the indicator will be different. This gives a more accurate weak, medium, strong buy/sell confirmation signal.
2. The value of the k-line will be different on the AlphaA2 indicator because it is scaled according to the volatility of the relative symbol.

You do not need to use the AlphaA1 indicator. You should only use the AlphA2 indicator going forward. The AlphaA1 indicator has been kept for backward compatibility and will be removed at some point in the future.
You should really look into what other people said about this...

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