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dvatool is excellent

i'm really really impressed with the dvatool. most excellent and best value for money indicator ever. thanks! it's really helping my market profile trading.

one question: when you copy the graphic to the clipboard using the graphic button on the chart and then paste it into excel it all ends up in 1 column. is there any way that you can split it up so that the prices appear in one column and the TPOs appear in the column next to it?
Thanks for your kind words phylup.

Yes that's easy to do. Once you've pasted the graphic into a column in Excel then select the data in that column and on the menus select: Data -> Text to Columns...

Then select a Fixed width format and reposition the line that appears and click finish and you'll find that it splits the price and letters apart so that you can do further processing on it. It's very handy and I often use it.

thanks - works a treat.

even though i think this is a great tool i have a criticism about it. you need to know the val/h and poc before the market opens so you can prepare your trades but they aren't visible until the market opens. don't you think that's a problem?
phylup - That's an excellent observation and I had previously noticed it (to my own anoyance) and will change it in the near future. Thanks for "reminding" me - or rather putting me in a place to commit to doing it.
any progress yet on making the va lines draw across the whole day?
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