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Looking for a good trading education/alerts service. I've found many on the web. Why do they not post their track record?? Its very hard to decide which one to choose without this. I've looked at TradeThemarkets and Kingfishers. The only site that lists the daily trades is I really wish more places would do this. I would like to have more then one choice. Puretick focuses on the YM and I was looking to get in to the russel to start out with because its more volitale. Any other decent services out there for russel trading?

A little background... I've just begun learning to trade. I've read about 4 books and have $22,000 capital to work with. I'm going to go with futures because you do not need $25,000 to start day trading.
Originally posted by BruceM

Well, Black Falcon..we know that no statement has ever been provided by ANY member of the trading Zoo. Don't you think it's a bit strange how you want me to answer your questions here but yet you accuse me of thread jacking on this thread? In other words it's ok for you to continue thread jacking as long as it serves your purpose but not ok if I do it!!

You guys have to pull your selves together! Start a new thread and ask me your SPECIFIC questions there. You also need to answer Day_trading question regarding your relationship to the Zoo. We can hash it out there. Please make sure you are palnning to provide those statements from your mentor on the new thread otherwise we are wasting our time .



I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the untruthful comments you made were simply your opinion and you can\\\'t substantiate them. If my assumption is wrong and you care to prove that, feel free to start a new thread and post your evidence.

I don't know if English is your native language, but I'm not going to repeat myself for the fourth time regarding posting statements on this forum. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, I suggest you ask day trading for an explanation. He is a very bright person and knows a lot about many things that others don't.

No more posts from me in this topic.
Let me try again.
Black Falcon: How do you fit into the Trading Zoo company? Employee? Owner? Part-owner? etc...
Once again the Trading Zoo fails to deliver the goods! Always answering questions with questions...nothing changes...Lets not forget that they could have easily put this to rest months ago if they could actually trade as they say...

Now moving on to these folks at Trading Zone...I like the fact that you can sit in their room for months if you wish and monitor their calls for yourself before you decide to commit some cash...seems like they have confidence in their abilities...I like the approach

Remember: It's a Zoo out there and some will do everything they can to seperate you from your money

Trade with passion!!

I have not been in this forum long enough to understand this feud. I can tell you from my experience and IMHO, if you want view a room that calls live trades open to close, with many more winners then losers come and visit The Trading Zone. To get more info on them go to . It is a free room where you get a taste to see how this trading system performs. Every trade is called as the moderator is making the trade. Oviously in fast moving markets their are times where your fill price may be one tick better or worse then the actual called price (due to small time delays it is a reality of the business). The majority of trades are made at the same price and targets are not called as filled until the market trades thru the price. It is an objective (not subjective) trading system. Meaning all trades which are called in the room, students and owners of the course can see on their own charts. The idea of the live room is for students of the course to see the trades developing, gain the knowledge to know when the trade is coming and finally the confidence to pull the trigger. New visitors to the room are asked to watch for a day or two and to only ask questions during a slow period or after the close. They will find most people are very friendly and happy to help with questions. Come check it out...
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