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Does anybody here use or have experience with IQFeed? If so, would you recommend it and why or why not?

I've been using eSignal with Ensign but I'm think about switching over to IQFeed because eSignal fees are going up.
What are the price comparisons between eSignal and IQFeed for just the feeds?
Originally posted by day trading

What are the price comparisons between eSignal and IQFeed for just the feeds?

$55 less per month for IQFeed. That's just for e-mini feed from CME. I just trade ES.

I have signed up for the free trial with IQFeed. I have noticed differences with the nyse tick feed as compared to eSignal feed. I know tick value jumps around a lot so should this matter if they are not the same.
I think that eSignal calculate the value of the NYSE TICK themselves and update it every 6 seconds and the exchange (i.e. NYSE) calculates it every 15 seconds. This is straight off the top of my head and I can't remember where I got those figures from but I know that it was a while back so not sure how accurate they are now. It's also possible that IQFeed calculate the value of the NYSE TICK themselves as well...

If you were a trading institution or individual with enough resources then you could set-up a system to calculate the NYSE TICK multiple times a second. If this was crucial to your trading methodology and you were large enough then it would probably be worth setting up a system that did that.
I've just searched the IQFeed site but can't find any info about whether the calculate TICK themselves or just pass through the value they received from NYSE. I did discover that they call it TICK.Z on their system instead of the eSignal $TICK.
I had both esignal and iqfeed and recently dropped esignal because I think iqfeed is much better. The data appears to be much cleaner.

In addition, the support at iqfeed is excellent. I can't say the same for my personal experience with esignal.

In relation to market breadth stats (at least the ones I look at)....iqfeed has all the ones that I used on esignal and more.

They are different names of course...i.e. $vold on esignal is jvnt.z on iqfeed.

The only issue I have had with iqfeed is that they appear to be late rolling over their continuous contracts sometimes.
Thanks subq!
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