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3 days of unclosed gaps in the ES

Does anybody know if the ES has seen 3 days of unclosed gaps in the past like we saw on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday last week?

13, 14, and 15 June 2007 all had unclosed gaps.

I assume that you're shorting the Dow not the ES Bruce? Good luck!
For the record, this is what happened on the fourth day. The white bars are the overnight action. The cyan bars to the left are Friday's prices and the cyan to the right are Monday morning's RTH bars. The horizontal blue line is the gap fill line. The chart is a 6,000V chart (i.e. new bar every 6,000 contracts).

Click image for original size
ES gap fill on 18 June 2007.
I've just realized that I cut off the prices on the right hand side. Sorry about that but it doesn't really matter as we can see the net result of the trade/pattern.
Correct..a fun little trade..I think most of us don't put enough emphasis on the cash markets and when they return to "Unchanged " levels from the previous session...perhaps the subject of another thread at another time...sorry to chime in here with something unrelated to your thread...

Originally posted by day trading

I assume that you're shorting the Dow not the ES Bruce? Good luck!

Your comments are welcome. You were playing the gap which this thread is about. All of the Dow stocks are in the S&P500 so you were just playing a subset of the ES gap trade.

BruceM, could you elaborate a bit on how you used the cash market with Monday morning's trade? Thnx...
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