tradestation market profile

2 questions please one what is tpo and the 2nd does anybody have a good market profile to use with the lastest bluid of tradestation i have been on there forum website and have done sreaches but not finding one

i did find one but it seems to be udating threw out the day and also blanks off my screen
From the dictionary: TPO.

I just went looking for some MP software for TradeStation that I remember someone recommending but the web site has gone and there's nothing that I know of. It's unusual because this is a topic that comes up time and again and you would think that there'd be some software out there for Tradestation.

Does anybody know how the Tradestation user base compares to the eSignal user base? Is Tradestation much smaller?
So far as I can tell, the TradeStation user base is quite large -- whether it is larger than eSignal charting's base, I have no idea. The barrier to entry was cost, but for 10 round trips a month, the platform is free, which is hard to beat.

Having said that, TradeStation brings with it a number of inexplicable annoyances (then again, don't they all) -- tops among them, for me, is their continued refusal to calculate volume bars correctly, which is why I have migrated to the magnificent MultiCharts. MultiCharts seems to have taken care of all TradeStation's annoyances, while preserving full EasyLanguage capability, so all my studies migrated without a hitch.

As for MP on TradeStation -- there's a lot of stuff out there. But I still have warm memories of ToolPack, and would be glad to see it translated into EL...
...this question seems to come up every few months... I think it has something to do with CBOT ownership of the profile graph... the CBOT wants users of the Market Profile to pay the exchange for access to the profile graphic in real-time, and their legal staff seems to be pretty aggressive to stop violations.

As an alternative, you might look into volume profile (volume at price histogram) as a reasonably accurate substitute to the original market profile (time at price). Most charting packages provide the volume at price histogram.

if you are still searching for Tradestation MP addon here's a link:

Thanks Hawk, looks good. I'm sure that link will be of interest to all our Trade Station users.