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Wanted:Trading Mentor

Aspiring trader seeks to hire a mentor with MP expertise.

Requirements: At least 2 years experience with demonstrated success day trading the ES with MP methodologies and systems. Excellent verbal and presentation skills. Willingness to travel for person to person tutoring.

Please send email detailing your experience and fee requirements.

What is your experience of trading with or without MP.
Why do you seek out MP.
What is your objective.
What are your expectations.

These are just a few thoughts to begin with.
If you do not wish to begin this dialogue in open forum then use the email to contact me privately. But I would start by asking you the exact same questions.
You probably don't need someone to travel for person to person tutoring. Today's technology allows you to share screens and talk at little or no cost. Do you live in one of the financial centers like Chicago, New York or London?

I've found that learning Market Profile is a lot like taking a course at college. There's an enormous amount of effort required by the student to go over the material several times until it sinks in.

I would ask similar questions to alleyb. What do you know about MP so far? If nothing, then you've got to learn the basics first and you may need or want a different mentor for that compared to the mentor that teaches you to apply it in the E-mini S&P500 futures market.
I have a decent understanding of MP, enough to hold my own and be conversant. I have never used MP to trade, so this isn't about teaching me MP101 or graduate level MP for that matter.

Essentially, I'm looking to hire a professional trader (not philosopher) to teach me MP setups, methods and systems which he (she) has successfully employed to consistently make profits in the ES market. That is the bottom line. Track record is everything.
Thanks for that. I'm looking for 1 on 1 training as opposed to a seminar or classroom. Also, the trader will have to provide verifiable proof of success.

I'm prepared to pay a generous fee to the right individual.
Well any one of them may be prepared to give you 1 on 1 at the right price. I've no idea if they would provide you with proof that you're looking for. I'm interested to hear the results of your quest. Please keep us posted.
day trading, you obviously have much knolwledge in the field although I have no idea if that knowledge translates into profitable trading. Care to toss your hat into fray?
I don't mentor but if that changes I'll let you know.
I think the challenge you will find with this Oliver is that those who trade real well don't usually mentor people. Sometimes good mentors take "breaks" and actually enjoy training people one-on-one and they will make sure you as the person trained will give them a portion of the gains and establish a reserve account in case YOU don't follow the rules. I think most would rather spend their down time away from the market..good luck ..I hope you find one who can come through for you. Timing is everything and perhaps you'll find one with some down time..

Originally posted by oliverpharris

Thanks for that. I'm looking for 1 on 1 training as opposed to a seminar or classroom. Also, the trader will have to provide verifiable proof of success.

I'm prepared to pay a generous fee to the right individual.

I thought about that Bruce. I'm not getting my hopes up on this. I think the real stickler for any prospect is the production of monthly trading statements for two years. As I mentioned before, I'm prepared to pay a handsome fee, but I have to satisfy myself the applicant is real.
Originally posted by eeisen

Frank Butera is hardly one of the "premier traders in the world".

It depends on what "handsome amount of money" means, that's entirely subjective depending on who you're talking to. If you're talking at least 5k/day, then I'd consider doing it, depending on what it is you want and where you're at already. Any less than that, and averaged out over 30 days I'd be losing money because I wouldn't be trading live cash while trying to explain things to you either in person or over the phone.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at [email protected] I don't mind making live calls with you on the S&P futures intraday with you over the phone or whatever until you're convinced I'm the real deal, no money up front. I have nothing to hide.

Does that 5 grand include room and board?
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