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Hi All, This question is probably meant for Daytrader, but anyones help would be appreciated. I have Ninja Trader for my trading platform and was trying to duplicate the daily pivot points that\ are calculated on "MyPivots", but can't seem go get them exact. They will come up anywhere from 2 ticks to over 1 point or more away from what is shown on MyPivots. I am in the Central time zone, and I understand that Ninja Trader calculates off my computer clock. When I go to "properties" then, "session time begins", I type in 8:30am, and then "session time ends", 3:15pm. This seems to get me closest to what I'm seeing on "MyPivots", and also another service that shows the pivot points, which by the way are the same as "MyPivots". Any help out there Is greatly appreciated. I assume there are alot of traders out there who use Ninja. By the way, I do not have e-signal nor Trade Station, I trade off the charts from Ninja. Thanks guys, and gals
The open/start times for the pivots are from 4:30pm EST the previous day because they use the all sessions data. See if you can set your charts to 3:30pm CST for the start and see if that makes a difference. You will probably find that if the pivots on Ninja are close to the ones on this site using your current time settings then the high/low of the previous session was made during RTH and not overnight.

Let us know if this makes sense...
Day Trading, I just checked the MyPivots calculations and noticed the "Daily Pivots for day following 03Jul07"are already up, showing the Main pivot for the ES is set at 1534.92. Since I noticed that the next days pivots are posted between 7-10pm EST, then it seems they are not including any overnight trading on the Globex. I don't think Ninja will let me start with a session start PM and end in a PM. So just thought you might know what time frame the MyPivots starts and when it ends. Don't mean to sound stupid, but it's a little frustrating to see Daily Pivots calculated, and not be able to duplicate same calculations, when it seems it is just a matter of starting and stopping with correct time frames. Thanks for yuor help. I really enjoy this site, as I am new to Day Trading the e-minis, and know there is NO HOLY GRAIL, dispite what alot of vendors and or kibitsers would have you think. I actually am following the TI trading plan and while its a pretty simple meathod, maybe a little expense, but something that a newbie can follow, without trying to second guess what every trader out there is trying to do. As Mark Douglas says, "Anything can happen"
If you take the OHLC prices from any of those pages and apply the pivot calculations to them then you should end up with the same values as are on the web site.

So the question is not how the pivots are calculated but where the OHLC numbers come from.

The ones that are on the web at the moment are calculated from the trading day of 3 July 2007. These are used for trading the following session which in this case will be 5 July 2007. The OHLC data for the E-mini S&P500 futures contract for that date (3 July 2007) will have come from data collected from 2 July 16:30 to 3 July 16:15.

If Ninja's charts can't use that time-frame then you will not be able to match them against this web's numbers.

I agree with the Mark Douglas quote. His second book, Trading in the Zone, is one of my top ten trading books. I recommend it to everyone.
Day Trading, Thanks for your prompt reply. I will apply your metrics and go from there. Again, I truly enjoy this site, and wish you all the best. Bill
Thanks Bill - much appreciated.

How are you finding the charts on Ninja? Have you used any other charting packages to compare them to?
Hi Day Trading, The charts and data seem great to me. As I mentioned , I do follow a trading room that shows e signal charts, and they are tick charts. The charts on Ninja seem to go faster as I can compare because I use a tick count down clock. I also trade off the tick charts, plus have 1 min., 3min., and 15 min, charts running at the same time. While I am no expert, I highly recommend using Ninja, and as I said I am new to trading the ES.
FYI, I did try to redo the time frames on Ninja but like I said when I go to properies and try to change the ime frames per your info it would not let me start @ 16:30 pm and end @ 16:15pm. It will not take the input. I tried using session start @ 3:30pm and end @ 3:15 pm, again, won't work. So now I'm just using 12:00am start time and 3:15pm end time. The default for the properties is 12:00AM start and 12:00Am end. Maybe best to contact Ninja and ask them. I can't believe I'm only person who is having this problem. Mean time I'll use the 12-3;15 metrics, and go to MyPivots daly, and print what I believe are correct pivots and Just adjust for the slight difference. Thanks
On some charting packages you can generate the indicator off one time frame and plot it against another time frame. If this can be done on Ninja, then you might be able to calculate the pivot values off the daily "all session" data and plot it on the ticks and minute charts.

You said that you look at tick charts in the room that you follow. You may want to take a moment and read about the different chart types and see why I have a bias for volume charts over tick charts. The difference is small but I still that that volume is superior - if that's available to you.
Hello, How are you? guys. I am very new on this . I want to see if you or any of you can give me a hand. I am starting to use the Pivot Points using the Pivot Points Calculator The calculator works incredible, What I want to get a calculation all at once or pivot point (Woddie, Clasic, Camarilla & DE Mark) and can paste right away to Word or Exel. Is any way that I can Do that fast. The way That I do that now take too long, I have to type all the info # by # that become so tedious when I Want to do it with several Pairs,
I saw a page that is update them every day with Pivot Points, Fibonacci, Trading, Patterns etc. Any way that I can get I calculator that can give me all the information at once and me able to paste to exel or word or iven better to putting on my charts. Thanks
I would appreciate if you can give me a hand.
Carlos: It can be done either by using formulas, macros or programming in Excel assuming that you have the data in Excel already. Give me an example of what you want to do...
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