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Jays Double Nickel System

I received this PM from someone who I trust:
Stay away from Jays Double Nickel System on Paltalk, I have the system and it is bogus, you may info your readers if you like

Personally I've never heard of this system so I'm just passing on this information for discussion and information.

He's on Paltalk...yes an acquaintance of mine took his course in Mar 07..he teaches Wed...his wife takes the room for the day....$500 for tuition....US dollars............He told me it is a bunch of crap.

Jay Nickel live in a trailer home...according to this guy who took the course.......well If u a real good trader u figure you would move up!!!

His name is Landfill on u know I not Bs...

All the can see them..are all no good.

That guy who's room has been around since 2003....why is he still on Paltalk???

There was a trader last year...his site was
He started on early Jan 2006 with an account of $10,000 and grew it to $225,000 by September 20006. Over 2,000%!!!

He gave his calls...usually just one a day...sometimes 2 and he would post his pts total be it win or loss everyday...NO Cheating or fluff...He charged $60.00 a week...US.

He then got married and was off till December 2006...came bak mid Dec.

He closed shop in early Jan 2007. Why???

Because he was A REAL TRADER..AND GREAT ONE TOO...He got a job payng him millions and a chance to make many more millions.........

No he did not start a ROOM on Paltalk or anywhere else or sell courses....

Pity I only came to find out about him in December 2006 when he came back.

He traded the ES only.....and he closed down his site after he left in Jan 2007.

So there you are....don't waste your time with these Jokers and their courses...very few real sources..

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