POC (Up or down ) and PRICE

Sorry english is not my fisrt language, but here I go......
My questions simple.
Many times in the daily session the POC change UP or Down
I observ that when POC is going UP the price is going down, and when the POC move to down the price is going UP
I think in the first case, that enter seller to the market and when the POC is move down enter buyers and the price is going UP.-
I think that when is a normail day or neutral day ( when short time traders are in control)
But when the long time traders are in control, as Trend days the POC-PRICE move in the same direction.-
Is that right ??
I belive is very importand to discover the diferent ask 3 questions
1- IS a normal day or neutral days ??
2- Is a Trends days ??
3- where the POC move ?? - If the move is into VA I belive more that day traders are in control, if POC is move of a margin of VA is very posible long time traders are in control
I like your opinion and experience

Thanks in advance

First Thanks to all.-
When I use 2 m bar /charts is very simple to compare volumen, but if a put 3000V/bar all volumen bar are the same (logical)
In this case, do you observ the high (or low) to compare ??
I actually run another indicator on my volume charts called BarSpeed which tells me if the bar formed quickly or took so long that I'm not interested in how long it took to form. So in essence, I'm adding the "volume" back in as an indicator by reversing (or turning upside down) what I'm looking at. I'm not saying that this is any better than having a time based chart with volume below it because what it's doing is taking the time element and putting that on a histogram below the chart and putting the volume element on the chart or rather completely removing the volume element because we know that each bar "holds" X number of contracts. You might find that looking at the markets from this angle gives you a new perspective which allows you to see something that you didn't see before.

Like nkhoi said, stick to what is working or what you know and I agree. Once you find a time frame or volume number (or tick count) chart that you think you can work with and you get use to it then you will start seeing more setups on that time frame/volume size/tick count. It's like a new car. Once you get used to the fact that they've switched the windscreen washer and indicator controls around you stop using the windscreen washers to try and change lanes and drive the car a bit better. Always takes some time to get used to.