TPO - Balance - Imbalance

Many times I saw a big diferent count in TPO in both side of DPOC
I think when this count is more big UP, there are more sellers and the price is moving down in the next time, but nothing happend.-
And the price is over DPOC for long time
But I see a big volumen around dpoc
Only when DPOC move UP the price is move down.-
To anticipate the move market, in your opinion, what is more important a big diferet count TPO or Volumen in both areas ??

Second questions:
If I see all MP ( DVA and exten. UP and DOWN) is in Balance, the DPOC is near to the midle
But if I only see DVA the picture is not the same, clearly is IMBANLANCE, As the DPOC is more close to down.-
What is more important to observ ??

Thanks in advance to all

Your first question is a bit redundant because TPO count is a proxy for volume in the days before volume was easily available on that time frame. So the two of them overlay each other. To get the actually answer to your question you'd have to run a statistical sample against some TPO and volume generated data to see which produced more results.

To answer your second question you need to think back to the origins and the objective or shape of the MP. Remember that it's a statistical probability distribution chart rotated 90 degrees to the right. The VA/DVA is 68% of the observed TPO's. So if the chart is skewed to one side then that side is the dominant and more likely side to which you will see action.