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Other VA and POC numbers

If you don't see the VA and POC numbers that you want here then there are a number of ways that you can get them:

1. Take the Highs and Lows of the 30 minute brackets of the session that you're interested in and drop them into the TPO Calculator and it will generate the VAH, POC and VAL for you.

2. If you're using eSignal, there are a number of EFS studies and addons that will do this for you. The least expensive and most accurate is the DVAtool.

3. If you're using a different charting package then it is highly likely that there is an addon or study for that charting package. Try searching that charting companies web site using Google and the "" specifyer.

4. There are also some specialized charting companies that only produce Market Profile charts and these hook into the regular data feeds such as eSignal and DTN (is that the right name for them?).
Your Thursday VA numbers is for Sept or Dec contracts?
For Dec contracts.
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