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Any statistics on this?

How often does the range of the Monday and Tuesday trading days get broken....? so far this week we have yet to break either the high or the low. It seems as traders we need to try and get on board the side WE think will get broken....

I have conflicting opinions as the market seems to want higher prices yet the weekly pivot hasn't been traded to on the downside//
Still haven't got there yet with the database. Will let you know when I do.
We achieved all downside projections last week and bounced once we achieved 125 percent of the projections.
Current Monday to tuesday low is down at 1439.50 and the High is that's about 46 points of range...I rounded so the range projections come in 11-12 point increments added or subtracted from the low or high....

We are gapping in overnight so that gets us to first target area of 1497..current overnight high is 1496.75.......I think we will go back to 1488 today but that's another projection on upside will be 1508....
maybe we should talk daytrader re databases. send me an email with phone number
I sent you an email with contact details.
This is a holiday week in US..Thanksgiving...Current Monday- Tuesday range is 34 points with High being 1456 and low being is currently 19 points lower than yesterdays close at I'm dividing up the range into quarters so we have 8.5 points for the "windows" above and below the Monday - Tueday range...

First target on downside is 1414 and an upside breakout gets us to 1464 area which bodes well for the weekly pivot which hasn't been traded back to yet...a close gap sits at the 1460 area...ok, so I am biased to upside but lets just see how this unfolds for the remainder of the shortened week
wow what a crappy close after being up so much off the lows.....seems like the first target may get hit before the week is 1414...only one day left...1423 and 1431 are keys for me
Thanksgiving week: Monday - Tuesday range was broken to downside but no projection was hit
something I'll probably track for fun , especially when we have a holiday shortened week is what happens after the weekly range is set for the following three trading days. so we can account for holidays etc... not just the wednesday - Friday range...

This inspiration came from the fact that we hit the weekly projection form last week ( Thanksgiving week) today ( Monday) of a new week. This happened to be the 3rd trading day after that range was set...does that make sense?

Just want to find out if it has any meaning.

They broke the weekly range to the upside on a huge trend day. we had a Monday - Tuesday range of 42 points so each quarter is 10.5 points. This gets us to upper targets of

1460 - HIT
1470 - HIT
1480 - Hit ( In overnight as I type this)
So is this the area to fade now....? seems like it to me..

Next target would be the 1490

From here on I will refer to the 1/4 target as 1/4RUP which stands for 1/4 range up..and will do the same with the other ranges.

For down it will be 1/ it? Great!

I completely lost interest in this and judging by the fact that nobody missed it I will put it on hold for a while. Perhaps AlleyB can run the stats and save us some time when he has a chance