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Any statistics on this?

How often does the range of the Monday and Tuesday trading days get broken....? so far this week we have yet to break either the high or the low. It seems as traders we need to try and get on board the side WE think will get broken....

I have conflicting opinions as the market seems to want higher prices yet the weekly pivot hasn't been traded to on the downside//
1490 hit today on fridays open so full target hit
this week they broke it out of the high of the range and achieved a full target of 22.50 points on thursday up in the 1506.50 area. Will this mean tomorrow is the sell day on Friday?
something I'm throwing out here just for fun: When the market was trading at 1514 in the overnight we had achieved 125% of the weekly objective.....those who work with standard deviations may find this to be an area of research..

The overnight high and the Friday high turned out to be we have the over extension and the weekly R1 level which turned out to be 1515.25 exactly....I missed this sell...
I completely lost interest in this and judging by the fact that nobody missed it I will put it on hold for a while. Perhaps AlleyB can run the stats and save us some time when he has a chance
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