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Crude tops up to $ 84.05 per barrel

Crude Oil topped up to $ 84.05 per barrel in New York, with the thought that Turkey might try to extinguish Kurdish fighters by invading northern Iraq. (Iraq has the world's 3rd largest oil reserves). There is always a reason for crude-oil to go bullish.
wednesday , february 27th,2008 ....crude oil hit a new record high of $102.08 per barrel... will we see a new horizon?
Gioachino, being an expert in this field, any comment on my previous question about companies or indexes that are correlated to oil because they research or produce alternative fuels?
Yes, energy stocks are surprisingly getting mixed signals, as Nymex hit a New High of $ 103.05 per b.
Nice, Nymex April Crude-Oil breaks out into $ 103.95, just five cents shy from $ 104, and Nymex August Gold touches $ 1000.90 . Seems like the futures so bright, we gotta' wear shades...
april crude oil hits
$ 104.95 per barrel...wonder how many low & middle class peoples are behind the eight ball
up.up.up....nymex crude-oil up to...105.97...all-time-high
This is almost like a trend...
I can see a pattern here. In your opinion, where do we go from here?
With April crude-oil hitting another high of $ 106.54 ,and settled at $105.15....
I'd recommend going to the bicycle store.

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nymex april crude-oil helping itself to $ 108.21 per barrel before closing in at $ 107.90 ...big hand for crude-oil
Nymex Crude Oil closing in at - $108.75 a barrel, after breaking a new intraday high of $109.72.

Tomorrow let's see where crude-oil goes
, at 10:30 a.m. eastern standard time -when The Energy Information Administration's Crude Oil Inventory Report is released: [url][/url]
Crude oil is the most well known commodity from the energy sector and is the world's most actively traded commodity. Light, sweet crude oil is preferred by refiners because of its low sulfur content and relatively high yields of high value products.
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