ToolPack - Market Profile

day trading,

I recently downloaded the toolpack which has the market profile setting on it. A couple of observations and concerns.

1) Ever since downloading the toolpack, i am getting repeated syntax errors that crashes eSignal. Not cool at all.

2) I have noticed that the VAH & POC are often the exact same numbers that you post in the room, but more often than not, the VAL is different. I am referring specicially to the YM (Dow Mini).

Is this the software you are using to post Value Area numbers on this site? If so, do you have any ideas why the VAL is always 2 to 4 points different? Perhaps you have a specific setting that I am not aware of.

I would appreciate any help you can provide.


1) We are working on trying to find out why this syntax error is happening. It has mysteriously appeared after a few years of smooth operation. We think that it has something to do with either (1) the new version of eSginal (v10) or (2) the new web site that it authorizes from.

It is unusual, however, for it to crash eSignal. If you click no it will usually operate as normal.

Which version of eSignal are you using?

2) The DVATool in the ToolPack produces the most accurate numbers for Market Profile. We have another utility from a 3rd party that has a small bug that sometimes causes the the figures to be off by a few points. However, this utility is far more convenient to use to generate the numbers that we post here on the forum. It you are using the DVATool then you should use the figures from it as they are spot on. Otherwise the figures here on the web are good enough but not 100% accurate.
The syntax error problem you described has now been fixed. It was a problem with the web site and not with the indicator and did not effect the functionality of the indicator, just the initial loading of the indicator.

If possible, please confirm that it is no longer happening.
day trader,

eSignal crashes every time I try to make any changes to the chart...such as the color of Valuea Areas or even to another Sybmol.

NFL: I sent you an email to try and work out the problem that you're having. Please check your inbox. Thanks.
NFL: I haven't heard back from you but I've investigated this problem further and it appears to be a bug in version 10 of eSignal which other 3rd party indicators are also suffering from, not just the DVATool. There are 2 workarounds that I have come up with which appear to resolve the problem.

1. Revert to version 8 of eSignal.
2. Use a shorer timeframe: I've tested this on up to 5 days of data and it does not crash.

Now I have even more information:

Take a look at the version of eSignal that you're using. I found that I was also experiencing these same crashes with v 10.0.0 Build 858 from 8/22/07.

I downloaded the latest version (v10.0.0 Build 859 from 8/27/07) and have been testing the DVATool on this version and it is not crashing anymore.

So my suggestion is:

Upgrade to build 859 or if you can't do that then use shorter timeframes.
day trader,

Thanks for the follow up. When I arrive home later this evening, I will test your info out and then let you know the results.

I truly appreciate your efforts to resolve the problem. Very professional and most appreciated.

day trader,

I have the lastest version of eSignal that you refer too, but it is not making a difference. I will give this a few more days to see if we can work out the kinks, otherwise I will have to cancel the ToolPack and eSignal.

Thanks again for all your help.

Is there any chance that you can use eSignal version 8? If so, that should resolve the problem. If you read the eSignal forums you will see that a number of traders have abandoned eSignal version 10 and gone back to version 8.

If you want to try this you can download version 8 here:
eSignal Version 8

Thanks for the link. I just removed version 10 and I am now installing version 8.

I will let you know how it works out.