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7 May 2005 (Tuesday)

Session Start: Tue Jun 07 10:00:42 2005
Session Ident: #t1

[10:09:47] <signal> [img]
[10:18:51] <fspeculator> is there some "newsnoise" for the rally?
[10:22:24] <guy> In the ER2 there is a single 1 tick above the current HOD
[10:22:30] <guy> from about 2 or 3 months ago
[10:22:33] <signal> [img]
[10:23:01] <guy> so that single doesn't form part of the Single Print strategy that I'm forward testing because it's older than 20 trading sessions
[10:23:11] <guy> you can see it as the cyan line at the top of that chart
[10:26:19] <guy> Here is a chart showing the formation of that single that I've just mentioned
[10:26:23] <signal> [img]
[10:26:36] <guy> It formed on 03/15
[10:27:00] <guy> And as you can see there's another one above it at 634.3 which was formed on the same day
[10:27:24] <guy> Here's another NQ filled alert:
[10:27:32] <signal> [img]
[10:28:33] <guy> .
[10:28:38] <guy> Here is the ER2 chart as of now
[10:28:47] <signal> [img]
[10:29:10] <guy> k-line on the alpha indicator is moving down so it's showing that some strength may finally be leaving this rally
[10:29:35] <guy> you can see how alpha and k-line remained on the buy side through the whole of that rally up to this point
[10:29:57] <guy> alpha is still positive here and we want it to go negative and preferably below -1 before we short
[10:30:41] <guy> Rotation Factors are all +2 as you would expect at this point.
[10:31:58] <guy> As you can see - unconfirmed singles in E bracket everywhere...
[10:32:03] <signal> [img]
[10:33:41] <guy> I show the eSignal MP chart missing a D print at 628.9 - can anybody else confirm that there should be D print there?
[10:34:42] <tuna> i see a print fwiw
[10:34:55] <guy> thanks - just my eSignal chart then
[10:35:10] <guy> eSignal have confirmed that the bug doesn't happen with all users
[10:35:19] <guy> Just some users are experiencing the missing letters
[10:35:26] <guy> I know that fspec is experiencing it
[10:36:24] <tuna> gotta luv esig
[10:52:51] <signal> [img]
[10:52:53] <guy> In 8 minutes this single in ER2 will become confirmed
[10:53:04] <guy> if we don't touch 629.0 before that
[10:53:36] <guy> so on the Single Print strategy we put a limit long order at 629.1 to trade it long
[10:53:51] <guy> (1 tick inside the single print)
[10:53:59] <guy> The paper testing will trade that
[10:54:10] <guy> and I might trade it depending on the value of alpha at that time
[11:00:47] <guy> DVATool - confirms singles in all index futures:
[11:00:51] <signal> [img]
[11:01:04] <guy> except I don't see ES in that list
[11:01:40] <guy> That's because I had alerts disabled for the ES chart

[11:03:52] <guy> limit to enter long ER2 @ 629.1
[11:03:59] <guy> exit stop set ER2 @ 628.1

[11:50:00] <tuna> .
[12:00:29] <guy> Here is the current ER2 chart:
[12:00:37] <signal> [img]
[12:00:45] <guy> I'm still sitting and watching
[12:01:04] <guy> alpha is giving buy signals in the right places and the market is responding by moving higher each time
[12:01:11] <guy> I'm looking for a long at that single
[12:01:16] <guy> with an alpha confirm
[12:05:54] <tuna> me too
[12:06:09] <tuna> if it ever gets there
[12:07:02] <tuna> dpoc isnt helping our cause
[12:07:20] <tuna> qm too
[12:07:24] <tuna> jeez
[12:13:17] <guy> no - but we've got DVAL down there
[12:13:21] <guy> which really helps us
[12:14:02] <guy> I have DVAL at 628.7 and the single at 629.0 so that seems to be a high probability area for a long
[12:15:07] <tuna> yep
[12:25:39] <tuna> tagged vwap at 29.4 fwiw
[12:25:55] <tuna> first time today
[13:31:14] <guy> Have a look at how the DVAL has moved up...
[13:31:22] <signal> [img]

[13:31:48] <guy> Entered Long ER2 @ 629.1

[13:32:13] <signal> [img]
[13:36:49] <guy> Here is the trade
[13:36:59] <signal> [img]
[13:37:14] <guy> you can see that the line has had its color automatically changed from white to red to show that its been touched
[13:48:16] <tuna> whats alpha saying?
[13:59:21] <guy> still on the buy side
[14:02:04] <fspeculator> thwere are still singles in es/ym
[14:02:32] <fspeculator> i'll buy YM DVAL/singles
[14:03:00] <guy> yes - single just filled on ES

[14:03:27] <guy> stop hit ER2 @ 628.1 --> - 1

[14:03:34] <signal> [img]
[14:03:59] <fspeculator> guy is 10ticks big enough for ER?
[14:04:24] <guy> it was last month...
[14:11:54] <guy> YM single filled
[14:12:42] <fspeculator> fastest -15ticks trade u remember ::-(
[14:13:04] <fspeculator> lasted 2sec or so
[14:30:29] <guy> oil futures closed now
[14:38:37] <guy> unconfirmed single in NQ at 45.5
[14:39:35] <guy> YM singles:
[14:39:44] <guy> fspec did you take either of those singles?
[14:39:48] <signal> [img]
[14:40:26] <guy> NQ unconfirmed single chart:
[14:40:33] <signal> [img]
[15:00:01] <guy> consumer credit...
[15:03:05] <fspeculator> guy did alpha stay on buy all the time?
[15:03:07] <fspeculator> today?
[15:04:03] <fspeculator> also i'm not sure wherte you get unconfirmed singles today
[15:04:16] <fspeculator> there weren;t any, after the initial set of singles were taken ou
[15:04:19] <fspeculator> out
[15:05:34] <guy> yes fspec
[15:06:36] <guy> fspec in NQ - singles - don't you have them?
[15:06:49] <guy> fspec: did you trade those singles in the YM?
[15:07:00] <guy> if so, did you trade both of them?
[15:07:42] <fspeculator> i took a long in YM 10536 and got stopped out -15ticks in 2sec
[15:07:53] <guy> sorry to hear that
[15:07:58] <fspeculator> there are no unconfirmed signles in YM today afaik
[15:08:05] <fspeculator> in NQ, yes, i see them
[15:08:25] <guy> correct fspec re YM
[15:08:37] <guy> I was talking about the NQ earlier with the unconf. singles
[15:08:45] <guy> now they are confirmed in NQ
[15:09:09] <guy> DVATool is really useful because it pops up and alerts me about what MP is doing in all the markets
[15:09:26] <guy> so lets me know when singles form in any market that I have it loaded in
[15:17:55] <guy> Rollover on Thursday everyone:
[15:20:55] <fspeculator> guy how often does alpha change its mind?
[15:21:08] <fspeculator> i mean, how "sensitive" is it during intraday reversals?
[15:21:53] <fspeculator> compared to stuff like trin, or vix etc
[15:22:19] <guy> i think that I've seen it switch around a maximum of 4 times in a day
[15:22:44] <guy> so that would be from over +1 to under -1 would be twice
[15:22:46] <guy> etc.
[16:06:02] <guy> gn all - see you tomorrow

Session Close: Tue Jun 07 16:22:42 2005
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