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which emini do you prefer to daytrade and why?

Do you prefer to daytrade the ES,NQ,YM or ER2 and why?thanks...!
ES..basically just because I seem to understand it and feel comfortable with it. It also seems to "back fill" quite often which is important for my type of style. Since I sell rallies and buy breaks then having a market that trends intra - day CONSISTENTLY would be dangerous. Even with this back filling going on I find that my failure rate is higher after 11:00 EST and I don't fade as much after 2 pm as more solid trends seem to develop then.

I prefer the NQ , it has good liquidity but still allows good fills. It trends well and forms some nice MP patterns in range conditions.

ES is too slow for me to trade most of the time. Tough getting fills on limit orders due to the market depth.

I will scalp the ER2 occasionally, when it moves over to the ICE I will stop trading it however.

I rarely trade the YM because it trades on the CBOT server, but I will be interested to see how the YM trades when it is moved to the globex.
ES because everything tends to follow it and when I try and trade anything else I keep on referring back to the ES to see where it's going and so figure I should be trading the leading symbol.
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