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Thursday 12-13-07

Thoughts go towards the Monday Tuesday range possible break to downside...down in 68 area as per December futures....overnight low at 71 so far...would prefer lower trade first to get long once real time market opens...not looking to sell a break of Mon- tueday range as that may be a trap.. 86 - 87 area critical in ESZ7 on upside....buying a break of hour lows will be a possible long entry...

summary : got my long goggles on this morning
futures are rolling over to the march contract
I made a mistake on Mon-Tuesday range break as it happened yesterday..I'll still be trading December in early trade if I can get a signal to get long...thanks PT
NQ 2100 looks like natural support (march contract)

ES 1480-82 (march)

ER2 is already trading below sup so 760 level could be a target
if you include pre-market, it looks like a triangle trying to form in the ES & NQ
up trendline seems to be holding, or trying to hold, possible long entry setup

edit - trendline broke to the downside
testing support levels
support feels like it might try and hold... noticing a mini-triangle in the ES right on support
trying a long here in the NQ
ER2 has a double bottom in place... now just need to break all these downtrend lines that have been formed and see the ER2 start making some higher lows
ER2 back at lows... a real lack of buying interest in that market this morning for some reason
Today's market in graphic. Both days that you see on the chart are the H8 (March 2008) contract. The symbol on the chart is ES H8.

Click image for original size
ES 5 minute chart for 12/13/2007 with developing market profile lines.
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