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Qualifying Prices with time!

I thought this was an interesting chart from last Thursday. You can see how they tried to break down from the hour lows quite a few times only to have a bit of a rally at the end of the day ( not shown on this chart)

This is a one minute chart and it shows how there where only four COMPLETE one minute bars that actually traded below the hour lows. The rest of them traded through the hour low price. So only 4 bars had highs and lows below the hour low. Not much time spent below that key price. I present this as it may help some qualify there support and resistance zones by using TIME. We can ask the question:

Is more time spent above our support zone as it gets tested? If the answer is yes then long may be the way to go. just an idea...

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Originally posted by pips2007

As mentioned I looking to trade for Hedge Fund, Pension Fund, Sovereign fund already on the way...Easier using OPM and make millions.

If your performance can be validated and audited, why trade for anyone? You should setup your own hedge fund. I know a broker-dealer in New York who finances CTAs and if you can do as you say, he could get you started with $100 million. With a standard deal of 2 and 20 you'll get rich very quickly. My fee is .50% of the raise on that size. Email me if your serious.
Yes make sense...but what the mind can't believe it will not do. And if you cannot believe you can do will not.

BTW..if you believe in conspiracy theories You should know Osama is dead long time ago and Saddam in not dead...but then again...why get everybody of their rocker.

Ruvan good point. Now let me see. Jeremy Kreveil lost 7.3 billion, Citibank lost 18 billion, goldman lost 8 billion, CIBC in Canada lost 5 billion..Bear Stearns lost how many billion... And these people are suppose to be so smart and really great traders know where the market is suppose to go..boy these guys are suppose to be the upper crust of trading, they have all the risk managers, experts, best traders, etc....maybe the shareholders should audit them and ask for their bonuses back......audit me...give me a chance to get there and lose billions and be like the rest of the folks.....then you can audit me.....

If these jokers hired me..they would not lose billions..they would make millions....and possibly billions. I have no intention of going to NY. Why would I. I make a good living doing what I do....and New York is way more dirty than where I live.

But if you know someone in Canada...then we can talk and you get your fee. But its my way...Warren does not leave Omaha for New York...of course I'm not Warren far from it...he does stocks, and he was under the radar for so long..nobody knew him till the 90's...and he been doing his thang since the 50's. If you did not know him then and everyone did not -50, 60, 70's, 80's..that is a long time not to know a precious mind...most people did not, you would think he is a nut...Jeremy Tsang or similar name was the big Kahuna back in the nifty 50 in the early 60's to late 60's till he imploded..Warren was an after thought...check your history books..they were a few gurus then and they too lose millions then....But I do commodity options and daytrade, not stocks.

BTW,,,every guru tells you to diversify...Warren tells you not to...he did that in the 50's and now..but most people are told to who do you want to listen to Warren or the rest.. so far it looks like you ruvan listening to the rest with tick charts and the like. Warren made his money betting big on a few stocks like American Express in the 60's after the scandal...because as he says it... and Coke in 1982/1988..but most people did not.." Trust in the market to correct itself." In trading this is the 50% rule and in daytrading its price and time.

Listen my friend...these guys no **** up there..and lose billions. With all their risk officers, analyst and and MBA's, PH'ds they still lose come. Why they stupid??? Me I'm just a country, rock and roll R&B boy....with a dip in my hip and glide in my stride.

I spend 70% of my time trading commodity options and make a killing and 20 % of my time daytrading and 5% some stock options now and then.

So, Ruvan if you want to audit someone and be Sherlock go to wall street..I'm sure the shareholders will love you...losses so far probably 100 billion and counting maybe they get to 1 TRILLIONS and they suppose to be the expert traders on Wall Street..You can get your .50% fee..hell they will give you more than that if you can prove fraud and recover the billions in bonuses those so called experts got. Hey they is a lot of audit work there!!!

Am I making anyone.

Good night good weekend....and look at the weekly may get some then...pts I mean.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste...unless you on Wall Street.
Ruvan check your email box...and no hard ask a lot of good questions like all the risk officers...

But those risk officers lost billions.

If those risk officers could make any money...maybe they would not be risk officers....

Good weekend and money for all and no misery for anyone.
Originally posted by pips2007


Am I making anyone.

Not really.
Ok bakrob99... but here is the 50% rule at work. Go check it out...its there in the newspapers....Excerpt below.

Maybe I should sell it up in a souped up course...then maybe most will believe..that's it...$10,000...then it's got to be good. Oh yeah..I only got 100 and the sale is till midnight July 27!! Then the price doubles.


Sovereign Funds Beat Buffett With Stakes in Citigroup, Merrill

Citigroup Inc. and Merrill Lynch & Co. shareholders, who've held on to the stocks through a 50 PERCENT DECLINE IN VALUE,now face having their stakes diluted as sovereign wealth funds snap up convertible preferred shares at terms unheard of 20 years ago

Remember..the price is only till midnigth july 27 $10,000...then doubles.

Send paypal to [email protected] If you can't get the URL..try

Oh yes it's the Grand Wazoo never seen anything like it.

If anyone is having trouble comprehending the hidden message of pips2007 posts--and I am one--try sitting down with a fifth of Johnnie Walker, consume at least half of it, and try re-reading them. There's a slight chance you'll understand him if you get your head in the same place his is.

these threads are really getting a "work out" . I'm not sure what percent of postings on this thread ( including this current post of mine) have anything to do with "qualifying prices with time" but it can't be much.
Things do have a tendency to meander in these threads.

Perhaps a thread dedicated to pips2007 astonishing performance makes sense and those posts relating to him from here could be moved there; or go into the topic I started, Traders, Forums & Unbelievable Claims. Just a suggestion for the powers that be.
Bruce I mentioned about price and time in a post recently and before.

there are high prices and low time. You go short or long. Thats all there is to it. But its too simple for most the 50% rule. There is nothing more to it. Maybe I don't look at a million charts, or indicators, or ticks( is that fleas??) so maybe i see it easier as my screen is not cluttered at all.

50% rule is also price and time...price can ony be at one place in time check out Citi and Merrill..what happened...share price dropped 50%. And what happened to YM, ES and ER....dropped 50% but you dont seem to get need a a few drinks, maybe then you can get it..

Ruvan if you know a CTA why don't you take up that 100 million and trade....but you want you .50 fee...That tells me would rather take the fee then trade..You got no confidence..If you really good take the 100 mill and trade...But you telling me to email you and you want your fee....

Oh I get did not pass the audit.

Give me the 100 million and I will trade it on ES and ER..maybe YM ( combination of day and position trading) and commodity opitons . No reply to the email I sent got big hat no cattle.

Maybe you should have some Johnnie Walkers may learn something besides your tick charts...You really are a joke.

When you reply you cannot refute anything I've said..what has transpired in the market...You can even elaborate on Price and Time. You have not mentioned anything about price and time. There are 2 people who are excellent with price and time...YOU know who there are? I'll give you a hint next time if you answer..then again maybe not...why give secrets to a guy who will take a fee and not trade big money...

You just hooked up on my trading should not be if you any should not care less.

You got an opportunity to trade 100 million and you won't even take 1 million and want your fee..what a joke.

Bar is open ruvan...get a will become a better trader...guaranteed.

Ok for the people that want to learn something besides ruvan.

I'm feeling generous.....only this time. On a 60 or 240 or? min bar you can get pressure on price...when it has to happen, when price is going to move rapidly up or down. You need to use 62% and 162%. How you do it...sorry can't tell.

Ruvan..since you said nothing about price and must be looking for fleas...I mean tiks....

Jim - fair enough, thanks for your reply.