I am interested in knowing about value areas and point of control. What is the significance of VAL, POC and VAH.I mean are they like pivot points?

Yes, they are similar to pivot points inasmuch as they are used as resistance/support areas. They are based on simple statistics and use a probability bell curve and bound the 68% area of trading activity. If you take a look in the glossary you will find a number of Market Profile terms defined. VAL, POC, and VAH are the basis of Market Profile.
Is VAL a support point and VAH a reisitance point with POC acting as a pivot point?
Yes - that's the very basic theory. But if the market opens above the VAH then it's a support area etc.
And viceversa for VAL?
some basic stuff as a cut and paste ..I'll look for more when I have time...

Basic setups:

setups using the Open:
O Above Value------Buy the previous day's Value area High
O Below Value------Sell the previous day's Value are Low
O Within value------ Fade the extremes

Set ups when there is Range Extension:
R.E up--------- Buy today's Value area Low
R.E down----- Sell today's Value are High

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And viceversa for VAL?