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Cost of CBOT Data Feed (change)

Tradestation increased the cost of the CBOT real time data feed claiming that CBOT had charged more... Just wondering - Did ESIGNAL change their fee structure as at 01-01-2008 ??
I think that I did see something about fees increasing at eSignal but I thought it was for CME contracts but considering they're the same company now it was probably for both.
Just got this email from eSignal today...
Please note that as of January 1, 2008, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) discontinued offering a series of promotional products (most notably the CBOT Mini-Sized Futures) and have moved all of these promotional instruments into their main CBOT service offering. As a result, the symbols listed below will no longer be available for "free" and you must subscribe to the full CBOT service offering to continue to receive real-time data on these exchanges.

These entitlement changes will be occurring on a daily basis, so please act immediately.

We sincerely apologize for the late notice of these changes. Several internal complexities hampered us from sorting out the details of these changes until just recently.

The CBOT Promotional package formerly included the following symbols:

Description Symbol
Dow Jones $10 - Open Auction DJ
Dow Jones $10 - Electronic ZD
Big Dow $25 DD
Mini Sized Gold YG
Mini Sized Silver YI
100 oz Gold ZG
5000 oz Silver ZI
Mini Sized Eurodollar YE
Mini Sized Dow ($5 multiplier) YM
Mini Sized Corn YC
Mini Sized Soybeans YK
Mini Sized Wheat YW
Ethanol AC
South American Soybean BS

The Chicago Board of Trade has now moved all of the above promotional symbols into their full CBOT real-time data package. In order to continue receiving real-time data for these symbols, you must subscribe to the full CBOT or to our delayed bundle of US Futures (for applicable products).

CBOT Level 1

USD60.00 per access device / per month (real-time)

Delayed US Futures and Futures Options (also contains CME, NYMEX, NYBOT, etc)

USD15.00 per access device / per month (delayed)

Note: Under your current eSignal pricing model, a surcharge fee of USD25.00 per month is added to your account when you subscribe to a premium Futures exchange (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, etc). As a courtesy due to this late notification, eSignal will waive the fee for the foreseeable future if you sign-up for CBOT by February 29, 2008. After that date, the futures surcharge fee will apply.
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