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Friday 01-11-08

How I played it so far...

Market opens and drops down to within one tick of the minus 4 ( which would have been 1410.75) So I was a buyer got filled at 1411.25...I covered some at the opening range low of 1414 and trying to get into the 1417 area....

Key: we have single prints in overnight and the previous days close on the upside to help as a magnet so I felt we could get something out of it
It's fun to predict sometimes and my prediction is that the high is in for the day......perhaps I have a 50/50 chance..1420-21.50 is key..chop or new lows seem to be the direction
in general you will find that there are good "reasons" the overnight highs and lows form where they it coincidence that the VA high is 24.50 and the overnight high is 23.75....? How about an overnight low of 1406 area with Va low of 1407??
There is a whole on the chart at a price of currently at 1415.25...this one seems different in that they pushed it away from that key zone I mentioned very fast but if you can find a good long signal than that would be the target
dow on new lows but S&P at higher prices then last time dow was down at it's lows.....seems like there may still be some strength left..I gotta know so long at 13.50...keeping it tight as nasdaq looking ugly////whole up at 19 will be ultimate target
got 16.50 and trying to hang on..13.50 takes me out on runners unless i can get tic in front of that whole
stopped out on runners....I'll be aware of that 19 becomes a magnet/target...but from where???
here is a picture of the WHOLE at 18.75 to 1419...if anyone can't see it, let me know

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trying again from 14.25..same final target...staying tight...
if they fill in the whole they don't usually make it I will probably suffer some on this to final target...trying to get 16.75 first///
got the 16.75 and trying to hang on..runners at 14.25....high on this swing so far is 17.50..I knew they would make this hard
that entry was right off the key zone I mentioned earlier....whole just filled..anyone need a picture....?