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3 unrelated questions about your site...

Great site! Thank you.

1. I like and use your pivots. Do you happen to know of an indicator for TradeStation that is available with the same parameters? I've tried a couple from the TS forum but always get slightly different numbers.

2. Same question about the market profile information.

3. Where can I learn more about Toby Crabel without spending hundreds of dollars on a book?

Thanks again for all the information on the site.
Welcome to the forum Steves.

If you use the search feature on the forum you should be able to find a topic that has a bunch of listings for TradeStation. I'm not sure if they're all still valid but should give you some links to chase down.

Try sending Crabel Capital Management LLC an email and ask them if they have an electronic version of the book available for you. I've no idea if you'll have any luck but it won't hurt to try. Let us know how you get on.


Mike here from England, ( Great site I vist you every day)I have looked today for the above numbers for Friday 4 th April, but could not see any thing,? can you give me a new link? or e-mauil me at
[email protected]

Apologies Mike - they were late coming out.
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