calculate mp

hi @ all,
i just registered to this forum.
i saw the market profile generator
and would like to calculate POC and the Valuearea with excel.
anyone could help how to calculate.
OHLC of 30min chart schould be base.

frieda, The market profile calculator doesn't use excel. Copy the high and low prices for each of the brackets that you want to profile and paste them into the box on that page and then click Generate. Delete the existing prices that are already in there - which are just there to demonstrate.
thx for your reply.
i do use the generator, but also want to build an excelsheet for calculation. so... ...if you do have an algorithm in another format, no problem. i would like to habe a look at it.


The algorithm for calculating it is here: Calculating Market Profile Value Area. I tried once to create a set of functions in Excel that would calculate it but never succeeded. Let us know if you manage to get it to work.
couldn't find the algo, just a description of mp. :(
I don't have any code for excel if that's what you're looking for.
ok. thanks you.
but why the market profile generator also include the single TPO when calculate the poc/vah/val?
mind to share your idea? I am doing the same thing now just like frieda
I don't understand your question asiatrader98.
Originally posted by day trading

I don't understand your question asiatrader98.

sorry....I try to explain more in detail..when I am using the market profile generator, I noticed sometimes the single TPO also treated as VAL esp if that day is trend day.
If that happens then it's just a coincidence. However, the theory is that if there are many lines of resistance or support calculated in different ways for a particular price point then that cluster will make that level more likely to work by dint of the fact that more traders will be trading it.