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Anyone have experience with " VantagePoint"

does anyone have any experience or opinions on the program that is available called VantagePoint from Market Technologies

i was looking at this but the price is well high to say the least... does anyone know if this works well or if its worth it???

any input at all would be apreciated..

Looks better than the average stuff you see advertised but you still need to verify their claims. I couldn't see a price published on that page. How much is it and what do you get for that?
This link shows the prices for the system and what is included . Price was $3,900 for one category of market
they are claming 80% + acuracy guranteed... but thats why i came into this room to see if anyone might have this program or if its a fake clame or just a total waste of money...... hopefully someone stubles across this with some experience......... ... anyway yes the price is 3900 with one category of market... but my question is say it is a good program.. etc... dont you need atleast 6 or 7 aspects of the market to follow the trends of the economy??? ie energy is good to trade near the peak etc....

and if you do actualy need 6 or 7 acpects of the market thats 10k for the program and all its goods...

is this totaly nuts to consider or ??
Thanks markm - found it now:
VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software forecasts 22 Futures, Commodity, Forex, ETF and Stock categories. You get to decide which of the 22 available categories you want in your package. We will be glad to assist you in selecting the categories for your package.

VantagePoint is offered in categories. Our Foundation Package is $3900 and contains 1 category of your choice. This package gives individual traders a solid foundation for applying VantagePoint's leading intermarket indicators to their trading decisions, while providing the flexibility to identify the best trading opportunity available from the markets within the package.

Additional categories can be added for $2,500 each. Many of our customers, however, take advantage of the substantial discounts offered in our larger, multiple-category packages.

Their 22 markets are: meats, grains, softs, metals, ETFs, interest rate, currency futures, forex pairs, indices, energies, healthcare, technology, utilities, financial, services, consumer non-cyclical, capital goods, basic materials, conglomerates, energy, consumer cyclical, transportation.

The price for 22 categories is $21,800.
I see that they have a free trial (or something like that) here:

Why haven't you tried that yet?

The other thing that I would do is call them up and ask them if they have any customers that will act as references that you can call and talk to about the system.
ok yes im going to try this free trial here,,... and as you stated .. to all there customers and speak to them....
wow that last post came out messed up... I'll try again..

ill ask if i can get some refrences to there customer list and speak with them. and if there is a free trial ill give that a shot as well..
thanks for the help ..
Some years ago I purchased a VantagePoint license for $3,000 to trade around 10 markets. Since I had no time to place the trades myself, VantagePoint recommended Alaron as their designated broker with an in-depth knowledge of their system and the experience to choose the most advantageous markets. The account was opened with $50,000. After six months when the draw-down had reached 47.33%, I closed the account down. I wrote to VantagePoint about my losses and they refunded the license fee. It was a tiny compensation. Last year I met a trader who said he had lost twice as much as I had trading the VantagePoint system. Over the last ten years I have explored over 50 mechanical systems. I have yet to come across one that is consistently profitable. I wish you luck.
if their claims were true and given how many years they had been selling their system, they should own the exchange by now.
hey guys thanks for the info... i think im just gonna do my own research and talk to ppl we'll like you about my stocks ....
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