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Anyone have experience with " VantagePoint"

does anyone have any experience or opinions on the program that is available called VantagePoint from Market Technologies

i was looking at this but the price is well high to say the least... does anyone know if this works well or if its worth it???

any input at all would be apreciated..

Haven't checked in for a while, but couldn't let this one go..........

I only know one person who bought this software, and he has more money then he can ever spend, so he doesn't care, but it is junk. High pressure, high ticket sales force, etc

The premise sounds good actually, in that they are comparing "interelated markets"............however, since it is essentially a black box you don't really know what's going on, which is an issue. I think all it reallly does is create a moving average of the "interelated markets" and compare that to the market you are hoping to trade. I also believe that the primary market is weighted in the "related markets" moving average, so essentially what you have is a glorified moving average crossover. I think in order to make it look like it is predicting a moving average they simply displace the "related average" off a few days. You can probably get almost the smae results from watching a 10 or 20 day moving average and a 10 or 20 day displaced moving average and produce very similar results. However, any type of trend following system will have huge drawdowns at times, so retail traders generally can't use them. I also believe that watching markets the are related to one another is very important, but just not the way these guys are packaging it.

To be fair, this is what it looked like to me, I really don't know the exact formulas. This is my opinion, nothing more.
hey guys thanks for the info... i think im just gonna do my own research and talk to ppl we'll like you about my stocks ....
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