YM Value numbers for Tue 6 th May


I have been on the site today, but can not see any VA Numbers for the YM?
will there be any put on later ?

Hi Mike
Try these
VAH = 12986
POC = 12958
VAL = 12934

I was having problems with some of the data. If I am unable to post values for any symbol then you can calculate it here yourself with 30 minute high and low data for the time period you want: Market Profile Calculator
day trading: can I use the Market Profile Calaulator for the SPY if so what tick size do I use?
Excellent question redsixspeed. First of all, yes, you can use the calculator for any symbol.

Here is yesterday's high/low data for SPY:
140.11	139.69
140.44 139.85
140.62 140.02
140.78 140.42
140.86 140.40
141.50 140.83
141.71 141.14
141.77 141.49
141.75 141.41
141.69 141.22
141.87 141.32
142.03 141.69
142.20 141.76

You can copy paste this to the Market Profile Calculator to test it. I tried it with the following tick sizes with the following results:

TickSize 0.01 0.02 0.05
VAH 142.19 142.17 142.19
POC 141.49 141.49 141.49
VAL 140.57 140.53 140.49

My suggestion would be to use the smallest tick size (0.01 in this case) to calculate the most accurate VAH, POC, and VAL but use a tick size of around 0.05 if you want to get a good visual of the profile. A tick size of 0.01 and 0.02 makes the profile too elongated and difficult to manage in your mind's eye.
day trading: thank you so much. From your experience what tick size do most traders use in their caculation? Again thanks for your help.

Thanks DayTrading for all of the help and information you provide. You have a very generous heart. This is something very rare in the trading world in my experience.

All the Best

@redsixspeed - I don't know anyone who trades SPY with Market Profile so I don't know what they use. When I look at the futures equivalents like the SP and ES most people use the tick size for the profiles which is 0.1 on SP and 0.25 on ES but remember that their prices are a magnitude of 10 larger than the SPY. If you're trading the Spiders with Market Profile then I'd look at profiles ranging from 0.02 to 0.04 which would closely mimic the ES.

@JBWTrader - thanks for the kind words.