Crabel Price Patterns


I use this great site since some weeks, really great!

But I have a question about "Crabel Price Patterns" like for example today in the nasdaq mini there are 6 fields "TRUE". How do you use these patterns for your trading???


Doing 20 trades per day in the same future is way too much for two reasons: (1) the commissions add up really fast and (2) each trade does not have enough time to develop.
day trading: I agree with you 20 trades per day same future is over the top. I watched Dan Gramza of the CME teach this system. What I learned in watching him was the fact he had another trader helping him watch the markets and make the trades.
How many trades per day was Dan Gramza doing?
Dans session was 9:30am--11am trading nq & es 5 to 20 contracts. He made aprox. five trades in both markets.
If he would continued to the close that would be alot of trades.
The above were round turn