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What pivot calculation?

Topic for "What pivot calculation?" question.
day trading: the link to see the formula (per your post above). click on About Us then Glossary scroll down
to pivot points
It looks like they are using the standard formula but using RTH data instead of continuous data:
Pivot Points - Below are the calculations for the floor trader pivots that are sometimes used in the broadcast and are listed daily in the ShadowTrader Pro Focus Report. The high, low and close used in the calculation is from the prior day's values. Generally these values are derived from the E-mini S&P futures, also known as "ES". The pivots can be calculated using 24hour data or only trading hours only data. Although experimentation has proven both to be valid, we have found using trading hours only data to be more relevant as large gaps often put the pivot points too far outside of the market to be of any use. Although the high and low can be taken from any intra day futures chart, its important to get the proper closing value which is the settlement value. Your best bet is to use the CME Settlement Prices to get your CLOSE number. Refresh the page if necessary to make sure you have the prior day's data on the screen. Write down the figure from that site and plug it and your high and low (from your intra day ES chart) into a simple Xcel with the formulas below. Use the settlement price (SETT) as your closing price, rather than the "LAST". "R" means Resistance and "S" means Support.
PIVOT = (High + Close + Low)/3
R3 = High + 2(Pivot - Low)
R2 = Pivot + (R1 - S1)
R1 = (2*Pivot) - Low
S1 = (2*Pivot) - High
S2 = Pivot - (R1 - S1)
S3 = Low - 2(Hi - Pivot)
day trading: I know your post from above is true.
The problem I am having with this traders levels
is; he will post the levels saying he is using the
above formula; however; some of his posted pivots
are different than what the formula gives. This was
the reason for my question to you several days ago.
redsixspeed: Do you understand how he gets his numbers now? Can you produce the same numbers as him?
day trading: I am going to compare the #s today 5/21/08
You should be able to plug the RTH numbers into the Pivot Point Calculator and get the same numbers as him.
day trading: yes the #s are correct. The following was my thought process when I ask you about these pivot
points. (1) was this trader doing his work properly
(2) if not what else might he be missing
He showed his formula and that cleared it up. However; for me the value area is king
over the pivot points.

You're very welcome.
day trade: one more question. Do you have archives of the value areas you have posted?

Just what's on the forum. I don't have a database of value areas. Someone asked me that question recently and I calculated that I'd have to charge $900 to generate the levels for all days for the ES.
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