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ER2 Levels

I will try to post some levels that you may or may not find useful. The way to use these is to keep the prior day and the current day on your chart. I will try and post the current day before the first half hour of the market ends since the opening of the market is necessary for the generation of current levels. For Friday the levels are.
blue= 746.4/741.6
cyan= 738.6/749.4
violet 754.2/733.8
yellow= 759/729
cyan= 763.8/ 719
red= 769/715
The colors I use for the current day, and for the prior day I gray (dash) them out but they both carry the same weight.
Use them as you would any S/R points, however once breached, the market tends to trade to the next level and if rebuffed tends to trade to the prior level, but use your OWN observational skills.
You would miss the cyan line by 6 ticks
close enough..many methods tell you to add or subtract a few ticks for the "overshoot" need to be defensive..
Your looking for entry patterns at these zones anyway so these are just "areas" of interest.....
Didn't Toby Crabel first come up with this style/type of trading using the first 15 minutes and based his Opening Range Breakout (ORB) on this? Maybe he wasn't the first to come up with it but he was the first to heavily test and document it on the S&P500. (If this is the method I'm thinking of.)
Yes, Crabel was actually taught by a very controversial vendor / trader named Kent ( not Ken) Calhoun and modified Calhouns ORB analysis.
I'd never heard of him before but a quick search revealed this:

which is summed up by the first paragraph:
From at least June 1995 and continuing through the present, the Defendant, Kent C. Calhoun individually, as an agent of or doing business as KCI ("Calhoun"), while acting as a commodity trading advisor ("CTA"), has solicited customers to purchase his commodity trading systems and attend his commodity trading training seminars through national advertisements. In those advertisements, Calhoun includes false and misleading statements that represent and/or imply that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC" or "Commission") has documented, verified or otherwise passed upon the success of his trading systems and/or the accuracy of his advertisements for such trading systems. By such false and misleading statements, Calhoun also implies that the Commission has in some manner recommended or approved Calhoun as a CTA, or otherwise passed upon his abilities or qualifications as a CTA.
I'm interested in following this topic but can't view the charts. I see a box with the name of the jpg file but no graphic. Is anyone else having the same problem? Is there something I can do to view the charts?
Steves: That usually happens when you're not logged in. Try and log in to the forum and then view the previous pages again and let me know if that resolves the problem?
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