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Hola all,

Please tell me why this service is a good value or a ripoff--based on opinion please?

Can be found at

I have little experience in swingtrading stocks--I nearly 100% 'do' derivatives.


It's owned by Under God Incorporated, and from their About page:

Saturday, 09 June 2007

Under God Incorporated began as a vision of what was possible if one truly lived as they believed. Formed as a simplistic model for building and acquiring assets, Christian Williams Incorporated his idea in July of 2006, and Under God Incorporated began building its initial investment asset (Perfect Stock immediately thereafter.

The purpose of Under God Incorporated is to increase value for its share holders through the acquisition, building, trading, investing, and selling of strategic assets, both public and private. Under God Incorporated believes their success in all endeavors to be in direct relation to the spiritual standards by which they operate; The rapid success realized in the first commercial website (Perfect Stock is a testament to this belief.

Under God Incorporated is a growing business with many strategic partners, and is currently managed by its Founder and CEO, Christian P. Williams.

Well here are some more bad points about Perfect Stock Alert.Com and these you will not believe.
First off let start at the beginning, First there was Power Stock Trades a small cap alert service that had a 110.00 a month membership price. For what I have heard none of his picks made any money.
Then came Perfect Stock Alerts so he then shut the first site down and all those members lost their money unless they sign up for the new site then he would give them extra time at Perfect Stock Alerts. That started out at 110.00 a month next the super sale so that the entire present members would join at 250.00 per year.

That sounded real sweet to these members. So they signed up but now the fun beginnings at first they were really making money until he said go long WFC and that mean 5,000.00 cash plus full margin. They sat on this all summer so by the time he said sell they didn’t really make to much money because of all the margins call. And it has been going down hill since.
He can’t stand for some to disagree with him so the way he handles that is tell them he is going to ban them from the chat room and they lose their money too. He thinks he always right and not a very Christian person as he claims to be. And to top it off he is very rude to his members.

They are losing a lot of money and want some answers from him. He doesn’t use stop losses and the member had taken a 40% loss on one of his recommendation alone.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago he opened the day trader site which he charges 1000.00 a year to join.
He states:
He will allow only 100 subscriptions to be purchased at $1,000 per year. Those who register in the first 100 have a locked in rate of $1,000 per year.

We are also allowing our day trade members to purchase more than one membership, as we have many members who feel it better to have less than 100 members in our day trade room, so the 100 available slots are going fast.

Once the 100 slots are filled we will raise the cost for new members to $5,000 per year, and only allow new members to join after an old member has left and with our track record those who leave will be few and far between.

But the kicker is he claims to have over 1700 member but there are only maybe 100 in both chat rooms daily. I did see that some of the member he claim are register came from the now closed Power Stock Trades site and never paid for the Perfect Stock Alert site.

Okay in the day trading site they are averaging about $.70 per share a day with an average of 5 to 8 trades. And he only trades the same stock that swing traders are in at the time. He is just not a good swing or day trader period. Now I know that good day trader make more than that with fewer trades.

When he comes to swing trading chat room, it is only to brag and try and get more members to give him 1000.00. Some have and I am sure they will be sorry soon enough. But the down side is he did leave his sister in charge of the chat room and of course she doesn’t have a clue and she thinks her brother can walk on water. Members are leaving and going to a different site that is more profitable. Now maybe they can make back all the money they have lost at

He is truly a con-artist!
I was a member for a year and did make some money, although I lost a ton on Christian's EXM recommendation. He was set to help us make it back by trading WFC and things started fine, then someone ticked him off and he left the site and started a day trading site that you had to cough up another $1000 to join. His advise to those who remained at Perfect stock Alert was hold WFC and buy on dips. So I sat there holding WFC. Then it fell $9 because the coming was going to sell more stock at $27/share. Again I lost big. The whole month of Sep and Oct Christian essentially blew off those of us who remained at PSA. Then, a week ago I went to log on and was unable because Christian had blocked my access. I emailed twice to find out why -- I had not visited the chat room in over a month -- but Christian doesn't answer emails. He does what he wants and to hell with the customer. In essence, he stole my $250 which still had nine months to go.
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