Advanced Trading Workshop (ATW)

Anyone know anything, good or bad, about this outfit?
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- I proved that you do NOT know the ATW mentorship program better than I do

Uhhhhhh ... no ya didn't.

But since you coded the projections etc. in Ensign, you should hit satan-spawn up for a few grand to use it ... quid pro quo!

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The one area I have to improve upon is live (real money) discipline ... I do great on sim (no fear), but I am still struggling to replicate that level of performance on my real account. Fear often leads me to pass on setups, or to exit prematurely of my trades.

The psychology and discipline for trading are the biggest bugaboo for any trader. Brett Steenbarger's archived blog can be helpful ... as well as several decent books out there that you're probably familiar with. Good luck ... see you in the loony bin ... bet I'll beat ya there.

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But since you coded the projections etc. in Ensign, you should hit satan-spawn up for a few grand to use it ... quid pro quo!

On second thought ... that'd be like learning euthanasia from Dr. Kevorkian, then designing another death contraption and offering it back to him for some coin. I'd pass on that one.
I would have to agree with MoneyMeat on this issue. Personally I only bought the ATW 101A course which truly was a rip off. Andy is a joke, Jerry on the other hand I can't speak to much of because I have not paid $10K for his mentorship program. I have seen some of his teachings from time to time, and I was not too impressed. He's good at going back and pointing out things after the fact, but who isn't. In actual trading he lacks skill, sometimes he right, sometimes not like most people out there.

There's a lot of truth that if you truly make so much money like they both have claimed, then why charge huge amounts of money for a product or service, if the goal or purpose of the ATW is to help others. Think about it.

About the mentorship quiz, give it up. First off it's irrelevant what you call things, there is no right or wrong in trading. The only thing that matters is that you make money. End of story. If you can't do that than any product or service is worthless.

If you truly want to make a living trading the financial markets then get a demo account and watch the market, it's 100% free. You don't need to pay thousands of dollars on mentorships or systems, your just throwing money away. Trading is mostly psychological anyways.
Here's one thing I know of which potential ATW PAYING clients should be aware. Now this MAY NOT STILL BE TRUE but when I was with them for a while I found that although one buys their indicators which were configured for the Trade Station or NINJA platforms, they expired after 3 (three) months and then subscribers were issued an "update." They don't tell subscribers that their stuff has an expiry date but say that they no longer work because TS or NINJA had a software upgrade.

I'm not sure if they've been taken to task (or court) for not saying up front that their software has expiry dates but if not I suspect that it's because after a few months most subscribers have moved on - sadder, poorer but definitely wiser. Basically they can't be bothered and put the expense and deception down as part of their learning curve.

Also, they ran a managed accounts trading service through Mirus Brokers for a while. Everyone I know who let them trade their money lost big time and ATW closed it down.

My advice - have NOTHING whatsoever to do with them.
I have spent some time with ATW. I agree Andy is quite a sales man but if you get hood winked into buying somthing you should look at your self for being a sucker as much as the guy who is doing the sucking. They give a 30 day free trial take the free trial and pass at the rest. I personally believe that Jerry is telling the truth in whatever he states. I am not saying his level of accuracey is 100% but I have found him to be fairly correct on most occassions.

The big thing that I noticed was the level of greed involved in the trading. There is a lot of flashing lights and bells and sounds that would want to get you into a trade before you knew what happened. Bad move for over trading. The indicator packages are a bit overpriced for what they are and the instructions on how to use them don't seem to exist. But you have to think about this if an indicator existed that made millions it has been flogged to death on it's first outing. I personally spent over $5000 and have no regrets. I found Jerry's level of accuracey and honesty to be of a high standard. Andy is a salesman and my credit card is still getting over the trauma.

In my opinion the biggest problem is the amount of money that you start trading with. The guys encourage $10,000 per futures contract which is the correct amount. That means you are starting out with a $30,000 acc as a begginner. You are dreaming if you think you can get through your trading career without blowing up your acc. Livermore went broke how many times. Gann just got sick of losing and stopped trading, then went and got an education. If you truly are a begginner then start small. You may only be making $30 or $40 dollars a day and you will only be losing $30 or $40 a day. When your consisitencey gets up there your account will grow and when you get out of bed one day and find your account has had no draw downs in 3 months then start adding extra funds.

I personally have taken a liking to Jerrys Edge Trading system. I took the methodology Jerry has taught and have been trading it for over 6 months. I can say for sure we have more up days then down but how it goes into the future is anybodies guess. I don't trade a black box or indicator system blindly so I get better tyhen the system. If you don't take the time to check out ATW you could be doing your self out of a good education. My trading account has done nothing but grow since I got into the ATW. I had a high level of experience before but getting the help to automate my trading has made my life so much easier. I don't get flogged like the good old days. The Edge signals the trades and I add to the position or cancel it out. i had built a very similar system before going to the ATW but Jerrys level of programming experience really paid off.

To summerize watch your credit card but don't be ignorant, these guys have some good education and trading techniques. Just don't be a mug. Pay your money and demand the service. Get onto Andy at the begining and make him work for his money.

Raef Mackay.