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Single Prints Forward Test - July 2005

This test is a continuation of the June strategy which lost just under 12% in that month. Here is a link to the June 2005 strategy.

The same rules will apply to this month as for June.
29 July 2005: Update

1 single print created and then triggered during the day which was stopped out at a loss.
Total loss of $210.

The Single Print spreadsheet has been updated.

TOTAL monthly profit: $330
As mentioned 3 days ago, I'm not going to pursue this forward testing journal anymore. It is my opinion that Single Prints do indeed give you enough of an edge to make them a viable strategy.

I believe that this strategy can be improved by adding filters and improving the money management once a trade has been entered. I think that the money management has a lot of room for improvement.

I will be working with my Back Tester program to try and optimize what filters need to be used with Single Prints to make this strategy most effective as well as improved money management techniques.

Good luck to anybody else following this strategy and keep me posted on any results that you think might be interesting to follow up on.

Guy Ellis
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