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ORB method

Hey guys

I've run a spread sheet that details the results if you would have followed the ORB trading method as detailed here: ORB

Could some kind soul please take a look at my spreadsheet, because the results look too good to be true. I must have made a mistake, if not, we may have a winner here.

Appreciate any help. The market is S&P500

I've uploaded the spreadsheet here:

Sorry Scribd seems to have converted it away from excel try this:
Originally posted by Daveyboy

Sorry Scribd seems to have converted it away from excel try this:

I'm not sure I'm seeing the same pot of gold. What are you entry, exit and stop rules?
I have compared the OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE in the spreadsheet witht he MYPIVITS Archives for the dates shown They do not agree at all. Can you tell me where the numbers on the spreadsheet came from?


On the ORB test, the discussion just kind of ended. Did you confirm your results - how is it working from Aug? I have been trying to create a spreadsheet like yours but it has been a long process, thanks for posting the xls, Jon.
Hi Sorry for the long delay in replying.

I got my data from yahoo finance. I found that the problem was that yahoo records the theoretical open which in many cases was based on the previous close. Unfortunately in reality markets often gap down so the open you try to trade is different to the one that appears on the results spreadsheet. I was using sread betting in the UK which allows you to trade the cash index and futures. The problem has been worse of late with all the volatility. There may be some merit in setting limit levels etc.

I'll try another test using the Mypivots archive.


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