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ref:ES-19-08 post (page9). Simulating? Is that some form of masterbation? Son, Ive been trading spoos since Oct 87, and yes i got my head handed to me.I joined this room for one reason and one reason only; because im smart enough to know that i dont know everything. I have to assume you are refering to me, since i have the biggest mouth in the e-mini room. Twenty years of experience, countless advisory services, and at least three fortunes won and lost, i guess ive finally reached the top 10% of people who play this game since i actually make money consistantly (albiet on a very small scale). Have you not seen SPQR and others choose to display their broker statements?Most people who are newbies to the game freely admit it when asking for advice or help understanding a propriatary strategy.There is no shame in that and most veterans gratiously oblige.Thats why i joined this forum and ,maybe naively thought if i posted my trades In advance when possible ,i just might be accepted as some who knows what they are doing, but is always willing to learn from others. You see i love this game. I only spent about two years in the 90s trading for a living.I found that by holding down a "normal" job i had no pressure to make a trade to pay the bills.Now, I trade 1-10 eminis mostly and i love it.I was trading 10 lots of the big spoos in the 90s in an attempt get rich nd happy.I got rich and broke at least twice(back in the day 1 point in the spoos was 500 bucks,not the 250 of today).I love communicating with other traders like charter joe, bruce m, and of course spqr. These are traders i have come to respect because they take there work seriously ( as do i) and are not ashamed to share their trading, warts and all.Ive made some brilliant calls and ive made some really embarissing ones. Such is the life of a trader.So my advice son is ...LEARN....If you are paper trading... who cares! If you truly love this game, then these fine people will be glad to help. If ive affended you or anyone else with my play by play trades ,then i apoligize. There was a method to my madness. Im not sure if ill be back or not.IT is extremely difficult to type and trade and in fact i screwed up once already hitting the button on my trading platform for two e-minis when i meant to trade one. PS: if you werent refering to me then ive made a fool out of my self again:)
wow 65 bucks thats crazy...I have read Pit Bull several times and back then to trade you had to do that or get a big grubstake and move to Chicago buy a seat and hope the locals don't run you over before you figure it out. Today a few thousand and a computer and your equal we have it made. Don't say your sorry I love war stories....I was 5 in 87' But I remember 2000 Nasdaq crash (down I think 1000 points in less than a week). I started trading the YM, NQ and ES in 2002. I remember when the spread on the ES was perrty large commpared to now and the YM at times would be 7 or 8 points
I was lucky in '87. I was short treasury bonds with profits of 3 weeks. I was stopped out with a trailing stop and the next day the market opened high enough to take my whole account and everything else I owned. I made a small profit on the trade but sure put a scare into me for awhile. I sure like the situation today much more with all the technology. I used ensign for many years then switched to tradestation. Sometimes I think the trading with graph paper and a calculator was better. Those simple plans seemed to do alright too.
I'm a classicist at heart and have often entertained the notion of graphing my own charts and using only one indicator: an overlay of the weekly COT cumulative average. In many respects, Leo, you were lucky not to have known the degree of edge used against you at the time, rather than see market makers one by one render near useless market internals through the cunning use of technology. I'm grateful to have the playing field level insofar as cost to participate, but in spite of the technology, and despite my being a relatively new trader, not much has changed in that span of time I'll assume.

Would you mind terribly, Leo, pointing me in the right direction per books, periodicals, or websites that go into detail about graphing the markets' action?
I would if I could. I don't have any nor do I graph anymore. When I first started I didn't have any material so I just used 1/4 inch graph paper and started my own charts while daytrading pork bellies. I later stumbled on the Knight/Ridder charts which I subscribed to. The only thing I put on them besides price was rsi and speed lines. The only books I have are "Trading in commodity futures" from the New York institute of finance published in 1979, and a paperback published in 1969-The commodity futuers game. The authors are unknown to me but you may know of them. Frederick Horn and Victor Farah wrote the first.Richard Teweles, Charles Harlow, and Herbert Stone the second. Sorryy to say that I am rather stubborn and learned from the school of hard knocks and did very little research of others. I have a lot of my own indicators and just kind of stumbled along. I'm sure finding a mentor and reading some good books would have helped the learning curve. I just have a hard time trusting someone who writes about trading and in the back of my mind think. "If they can trade why would they be writing a book?" I know it's kind of narrowminded but like I said I am stubborn at times.
Thanks, Leo, that was plenty help enough.

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